The Last Sunday

June 29th... our last Sunday at Turning Point. Things have gone through with our new home in Little Elm (1072 Ponderosa Ridge) and support continues to come in (right at 75%, now... please keep praying for more supporters!!!). We're oh-so-close!!!

On Saturday July 5th and Sunday July 6th, we'll begin loading up a moving truck for the trek down 114/380 to our new home. That next weekend, we'll be looking to celebrate a couple of birthdays (YAY for Carrie and Cassie's 24th) and maybe even hanging out at the park with Providence Church. We're so so so excited!

We've only got a short time left in Lubbock. Please stop by and see us, give us a ring, or meet us for some coffee at either Starbucks or the one-and-only Sugar Brown's. We'd love to hang with you!

Love you guys.

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Keep on Keepin On!

Please continue to pray for everything to go through on the house we found in Little Elm. Hopefully we will hear something in the next couple days.

Also continue to pray for our Support. We still have a little more than 25% to raise!

Thank you so much for your prayers! We couldn't do this without you!
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Pulling Hair, Biting Nails, and Finding a House

Ah... the Metroplex. What is to be our home for the next 7-10 years (at least!). Arriving on Sunday night, we are still here, still inhaling different allergens, and still trying to accommodate a 5 week old baby. Still, the weather has been mercifully good to us and traffic has not been near as bad as predicted. There's a Starbucks that serves great Venti Cinnamon Dolce lattes a mile from Cassie and Curtis' beautiful new town-home in Euless, my Google Maps has worked like a charm on my Blackjack, and the VW has handled as though it was born in Dallas.

Pulling Hair (Finding Internet) -

It's as though this area has never heard of that thing that we've been blessed with in Lubbock (and evidently don't really think about much) - FREE wi-fi usage at our local coffee shops. I did not know all of the hoops that you have to jump through just to use the internet at Starbucks establishments! Supposedly, SBucks is moving to an all-free wi-fi format, but, until then, it's like filing taxes! Yes, I finally did get it up and running this morning, but that's after an arduous hour of effort yesterday morning. Of course, that gave me a little more time to befriend the Rwandan-born barista and also to people-watch, something I hope will become a regular thing here in the Metroplex.

Biting Nails (Changing in the Dark) -

Part of the fun with hanging out with a girl as cool as Laura Kate (not to mention serving a wife as beautiful and loving as Carrie) is the daily changing of the diapers. LK has not been a "bad" baby in this area, for sure, but there are times when I wonder, "How in the world did you already mess that thing up? Big Bird has only been on for like 10 minutes!" (Big Bird, the Sesame Street character, is one of the constants on here diapers... good ol' Pampers Swaddlers). Compound that with changing her in the dark (there's very little light from the window in the room we're staying) and you get quite an experience.

Let's just say that I am very glad that I gave up the habit of biting my nails a couple of months ago.

Finding a House (To Little Elm, or Not to Little Elm?) -

It is looking like we have possibly found our house!!! We will know for sure by Friday, but we're praying for results TODAY! If everything works out, we will be living off of Ponderosa Ridge, in Little Elm. Right across the street from Chavez Elementary, the Little Elm High School football stadium (think Ratliff, here), and just a couple of minutes from the church we will potentially be attending. By the way, the next time you move, do some research before you go of potential churches and then stop in and talk to them for a while. Evidently, when you stop in and tell them that you haven't moved yet but were just wanting to check them out, pastors tend to get really excited!

Thank you for praying! Keep praying that everything with the house and the move goes through smoothly!
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Prayer Needs

We cannot tell you how much your support means to us. Thank you so much for praying for us and teaming with us in this adventure. Please be praying for our current ministry needs:

1. Monthly Support – We are just over 50 % in our support raising. Please pray for the Lord to speak to people to support us and pray for peace and affirmation for us as we continue to wait on the Lord.
2. House Hunting – We will be house hunting in DFW area June 22nd – 25th . Please pray that we quickly find a house to rent and for a smooth process of renting.
3. Laptop – Carrie is in need of a laptop computer before beginning work at NEXT. Please pray for the Lord’s provision to make this happen.
4. Deposits – Please be praying for provision for housing deposits.
5. Wedding – Carrie’s sister Cassie is getting married on June 21st. Please pray for all of the details to go smoothly and for peace and no stress for the Woods and Wileys!
6. Moving – Please pray for a smooth move the first week in July!
7. Our Successors at TPCC – A lot of prayer, meetings, time, and energy has and is going into the process of finding the next Children’s and Youth Pastors at Turning Point. Please be in prayer with our staff and elders for these two positions as well as for smooth transitions for all of the kids and their families who are involved in these ministries.
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Welcome to our Blog Site! We will use this site to keep you posted on the new things going on in our lives. Stop by often and leave us comments to let us know that you were here!
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