Lubbockites, Mark Your Calendar!!!

On Tuesday night, March 31st, we are gathering at my parents house at 7:00 to catch up, pray, and update you on our latest campaign to Xalapa, Mexico. I will have pictures, plus will walk you through step by step what NEXT does on a campaign. Plus, we might just have some of my mom’s famous Raspberry Tea (**wink, wink, nudge nudge – Mom!).

Date: Tuesday, March 31st

Andy and Robin Wood’s house:
5811 86th Street
Lubbock, TX 75068

Time: 7:00

I know that this is a weeknight and life is so busy right now, but we really appreciate you coming and the opportunity to catch up with you.

Help us pass the word along!
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Quick Update

We just got back to the hotel from our evening meeting and I wanted to give you a quick update.

51 people total came to know the Lord after 3 days of field ministry.

Our Lead Missionaries said that tonight's meeting went better than most meetings go. We had more people tonight at this new church meeting than other meetings have had in the past. It was a sweet time of worship with our new brothers and sisters in Christ.

This is an incredible group of kids. We are rewarding them with a sightseeing day tomorrow after we finish our last sessions of the leadership training. We are going to see waterfalls and then going to Veracruz for the night. We then leave the hotel at 4:30 a.m. for the airport to fly home on Thursday. Pray for safe travel!

...and please keep praying for LK. She has BAD diaper rash and is in a lot of pain!
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Keep Praying!

Things are still going very well here in Mexico!

We had another great ministry day yesterday in spite of a few set backs. It was pouring rain for over an hour of our ministry time. We were still able to go out for a couple hours. So far from Sunday and Monday, we have seen 21 people come to know the Lord!

Please keep praying. Here's some specifics:

1. Pray for our last day of field ministry today. Pray for more souls for the kingdom. This area is turning out to be a little bit less open to hearing the Gospel than we originally thought it would be. There is a LOT of Catholicism here. Be praying that God would TRULY change hearts.
2. Be praying for the very first church meeting TONIGHT! Pray that many people who we invited will come and again hear the gospel and help establish this brand new church.

3. Pray for Laura Kate and Kyle. LK has not been feeling well and Kyle is taking her to the doctor today. Pray for encouragement and patience for Kyle. Pray for healing for LK. Pray for mommy to be at peace and not to worry!

Thank you for your prayers!
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Great First Ministry Day

Today was a great day!

We started the day with worship at our "host" church in Xalapa. It was incredible. I wish all of you could have been with me this morning to experience worship like this! Our very own NEXT President, Warren Samuels preached today and it was awesome. Clint Lyons also taught

After worship, we ate an unbelievable lunch of the best fajitas I have ever had...also wish you were here for that!

After lunch we had our first afternoon of field evangelism. We had MULTIPLE professions of faith and were able to invite many many people to the meeting of the new church that is beginning this week.....I also wish you were here for that.

I just wish you all were here to experience this with me! (Pictures to come!)

Continue to pray for us. We have 2 more full days of leadership training with the students in the morning and field evangelism in the afternoon. Warren shared a story tonight that Abraham Lincoln said that if he was given 4 hours to cut wood, he would spend the first 2 hours sharpening his ax. That is essentially what we are doing. In the morning we are "sharpening" these students and in the afternoon we are sending them out to use their "ax".

A few specifics to pray for:
1. ENERGY! We are all pretty tired from travel yesterday.
2. SLEEP! pray that we would all have restful sleep!
3. BOLDNESS! Pray that all of the first "jitters" would disappear and that the Lord would speak and use us.

THANK YOU! I wouldn't be here without you!
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Viva la Mexico!

Well friends, I'm OFF! We are about to leave for the airport. I'm a little sad about not having my family around me for the next 5 weeks (Kyle said I'm not allowed to say that I'm "leaving" them for 5 days....), but mostly I am VERY excited about this trip. I cannot wait to see all of the ways God is going to move!

Be watching the blog for updates (assuming I have good internet connection). Also, in lieu of the trip, we will postpone the first official "Prayerful Mondays" until the next Monday.
In the meantime, just a reminder about things to be praying for:

1. Safe travel
2. against any "roadblocks" (i.e. delayed/canceled flights, lost luggage, etc...)
3. For every person going 18 students and 10 adults from First Baptist Church Euless, The Community at Lakeridge, and NEXT Worldwide staff.
4. For fruitful evangelism and discipleship.
5. For the pastors and church leaders of the new church we are planting. We are not building a building this week. We are sharing the good news to the neighborhood around this church, discipling church leaders, and celebrating kind of the "Grand Opening" of a church that has unbelievable potential to reach their area for the Lord.
6.For the families back home. Specifically, Kyle and Laura Kate.
7. For the other NEXT campaign to Costa Rica happening simultaneously to the Xalapa Campaign (same prayer requests apply for that trip).

I love and appreciate you and I can't wait to share with you stories of all that the Lord will do (and pictures! you can't have a good story without the pictures!)

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Time to Rearrange

Typically, when I get a little stressed/nervous/excited/anticipatory, I like to rearrange the furniture. Something about change I can control.....Weird, I know - I blame my mother. Since all of the above emotions apply right now, I started feeling the need to create a little change. Well, since I think Kyle would FREAK OUT if I actually rearranged the furniture again, I decided to remodel the blog. What do you think?

I want to THANK all of YOU who committed to pray for our family and the upcoming trip to Xalapa, Mexico. Today was a wonderful day of fasting and prayer for both Kyle and I. The Lord really encouraged us is multiple, tangible ways today. Your e-mails, phone calls, text messages, Facebook messages, and comments lifted us up more than words can express, we are so grateful! Please continue to pray for our family, NEXT Worldwide Missions, and specifically the upcoming campaign to Xalapa, Mexico.

Something to look forward to...a friend of mine, Deminy, had a great idea that I am going to steal! She is weekly posting her family and friend's prayer needs and asking anyone to leave comments with any additional prayer requests that she can be lifting up on their behalf. She's calling it, "Prayerful Mondays." I LOVED the idea and am going to do the same. Be looking for it starting this Monday. Click here to read the original idea post from the Highley Blog!

Before I close the computer for the night (morning) I want to leave you with a verse and a quote that have both really lifted me up today.

  • 2 Corinthians 4:16-18 (ESV) "So we do not lose heart. Though our outer self is wasting away, our inner self is being renewed day by day. For this light momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison, as we look not to the things that are seen but to the things that are unseen. For the things that are seen are transient, but the things that are unseen are eternal."
  • From the LPM blog on Saturday: God's School of Faith
From the March 7 entry in Streams in the Desert by L.B. Cowman:
"There is no way to learn of faith except through trials. They are God's school of faith, and it is much better for us to learn to trust Him than to live a life of enjoyment. And once the lesson of faith has been learned, it is an everlasting possession and an eternal fortune gained. Yet without trust in God, even great riches will leave us in poverty."
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A Call To Pray

I am so excited to tell you that in less than a week, after months of planning, organizing and coordinating I will be embarking on a NEXT campaign to Xalapa, Mexico. From the churches of First Baptist Euless and The Community at Lakeridge, we are equipping 24 students and their leaders to share the gospel and plant a church that has incredible potential to reach their area and claim it for the name of Jesus Christ. Each student will have multiple opportunities to share the Gospel and experience a life changing new perspective that has the potential to shape and mold their future. I know that without your prayers, encouragement, and financial support this wouldn’t be possible – THANK YOU! I can’t tell you how excited I am to go and essentially represent YOU on the mission field.

I do want to be candid with you and let you know some things that are going on personally for our family and outline some specific ways you can pray for us.

I am not oblivious to the fact that with most mission trips we face opposition and this is definitely applicable to the Wiley family for the past month. Kyle and I feel that we are being stretched, pulled, and grown past what we think our limitations are. After my emergency surgery in February, we have been faced with even more stressful situations. We are once again in a place of aggressive support raising and are working hard to add more partners to our ministry team. In addition to financial stress, we have truly discovered what “they” mean when they talk about TEETHING. Our sweet girl is cutting FIVE teeth at one time. In spite of several sleepless nights and stressful days we are affirmed over and over that we serve a God who provides and He has us exactly in the place where He wants us, teething and all.

There are some specific ways you can help us. This Wednesday, March 11th, we are asking our friends, family and ministry partners to commit to pray for us and consider fasting on our behalf for the following requests:

• Xalapa Mission Trip, March 14th-19th
• More monthly ministry partners, that the Lord would put more people in our path to share the exciting vision of NEXT
• One-time or special gifts to help us offset the cost of our remaining training trips (Carrie to Kenya in June and Kyle to Romania in June) as well as the upcoming medical bills from my surgery in February
• RESTORATION and REJUVINATION, in every way possible: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially.

If you are willing to commit to this, would you please leave a comment and let us know. I can’t tell you how much your prayers mean to us, every day. We can FEEL them and the Lord MOVES THROUGH YOU. We know that you are FOR us and we are so grateful to have you on our team. We cherish you. Thank you for all the ways that you support us!

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Oh Lord, would you move in the meantime.

I remember when I was about 6 months pregnant, when Laura Kate really started to MOVE in my tummy. I was really starting to feel defined movements. Sometimes they would be so defined that Kyle, or anyone else closely watching my growing belly, could actually see my tummy move! Sometimes, she would move so much or so hard that it hurt. Most of the time I would just WAIT to feel her move. Whether I was distracted by other things, not paying attention or she just decided not to move at that time, I didn't always feel her move when I wanted her to (or I thought needed to at the time). Sometimes I would worry about her not moving enough. The doctor said she was developing great. I had a peace about her birth and her life, but in the meantime, I would still worry when I couldn't feel her. I would sit on my couch, close my eyes, put my hands on my belly, and try to be so still just to feel her move...just one kick , just one turn of her head, just one movement of her hand.

In less than two weeks, I leave for my first NEXT campaign to Xalapa, Mexico and leave Laura Kate for the longest we will have ever been apart. Our support account is struggling right now and we feel exhausted in every way possible: spiritually, physically, emotionally, finacially, and mentally. The Lord is stretching us beyond what we think our limits are and more than we think we can take. But make no mistake friends, HE IS MOVING! He IS moving. Sometimes I have to sit very still, close my eyes, open my heart and wait just to feel one kick, one turn of His head or one movement of His hand. You see, like an expectant mother, we as Christians should EXPECT Him to move. Sometimes His movements are so defined that other people can see Him moving in my life. Sometimes they are so hard and so strong that they hurt. And then, on days like today, during times such as these, I worry when I can't feel him move. I have a peace about my life, I know that God will provide, but in the meantime, I still worry when I can't feel him move. Whether I'm distracted or not paying enough attention, I don't always feel Him move when I want Him to (yes, I do realize how ridiculous that sounds, but it is honest) I find myself frequently sitting in my chair, closing my eyes, opening my heart, and trying to be so still just to feel one kick, one turn of His head, or one movement of His hand.

Oh Lord, would you move in the meantime.
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