Laura Kate's Special Announcement

Laura Kate has something really important to share with you.....


No, the announcement is not new shoes! (We took 3 takes of this video and this was the best we got!) I don't think our little two year old realizes exactly what is going to happen in 7 months, and that her little world is going to be rocked!

Because, come March 11, 2011 we will have a new member of the Wiley family!!

Everything looks great so far with the peanut and I am finally starting to feel a little better! Here are the first pictures of our new addition:

9 weeks:

11 Weeks:
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Big Girl Dinner

Tonight was the first meal LK was out of her high chair and sitting at the "big girl table" with mommy and daddy.

We sit down and Laura Kate spreads her arms wide and says "We're aaaalllll friends" and grins really big.

Kyle is laughing so hard and Laura Kate says "ha ha, that's funny Kyle!"

Funny funny.
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Rain Dances and Sassy Pants

Talk about an adventure....we have definitely entered the two's.....All the joy that comes with that along with all the time outs.

As parents, Kyle and I are definitely having to figure out when to discipline and when to lend grace. Some days I feel like I say "no" so much. It's tough to find the balance and be consistent. Any advice would be gladly received!

We are planning on starting potty training next month. I think she's ready, I'm just trying to gear myself up to be ready. Is there a particular book any of you moms out there would recommend?
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