A Thankful List

7. I am thankful for my siblings. Great friends as kids and great friends as adults. People that I not only love but like.

8. Bubble Baths. Need I say more?

9. My Church. Providence Church. A place where I worship, fellowship, love, and grow. A place where I do life.http://insideprovidence.com

10. Redemption Groups. A place where I dig in and an opportunity to let the Lord work in ALL parts of my heart, in particular the really gross ones.

11. My home. Every day I thank the Lord for the incredible blessing of my home. Above and beyond what I ever imagined.

12. My car. The Lord answered many a claustrophobic prayer from inside my little bug with 2 kids and a stroller crammed next to me in the passenger seat with the blessing of our Aviator.

13. Vanilla Almond Tea. Thank you Lord for making vanilla, almonds, and tea leaves. And thank you for the person who first thought to combine them.

14. Our ministry at NEXT Worldwide. Daily we see the Lord provide for our needs. I am so thankful for ministry partners, staff and leadership, friends, and the amazing work we have been blessed to see the Lord accomplish.

15. My homegroup. Thankful the Lord has brought this group of people into my life for such a time as this to do life with.
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Thankful for My Daddy

6. I am thankful for my Dad. He is a peacemaker, master communicator, loves children, studier of God's word, an excellent teacher,a solution-seeker, and has an incredible amount of wisdom. He loves his wife, kids, and grandkids. I am so glad that the Lord saw fit to destin Andy Wood as my dad.

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Thankful for my mama

5. I am thankful for my mama. She loves deeply, works hard, the word "impossible" isn't in her vocabulary, mercilessly spoils her grandchildren, and sacrifices so much for her family. 

Please keep praying for her. She is still in the hospital with pneumonia. Some of the medication has made her blood sugar sky-rocket, so they've had to put her on insulin as well. Please pray for fast healing. She is ready to be out of the hospital!

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Thankful for Sassy Pants

4. I am so thankful for my girl.

I was telling Kyle tonight, when I prayed that she would have an active imagination, what I had in mind was a sprinkling from the reality that is Laura Kate Wiley's imagination.

I am thankful that she is passionate, sensitive, emotional, brilliant, a reader, creative, the funniest person I have ever met, loving, kind, and even opinionated.

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Dear Shepherd (8 Months)

(3. I am thankful for my Shepherd boy and the immense joy and love he stirs in my heart. The place in my heart for Shepherd is a very tender one and I am so blessed that God gave him to me.)

My Little Moose,

8 Months OLD!!!! Wow, the time flies. You really might just be the cutest baby boy I have ever seen or known in my whole life. I just want to kiss your little face all day long. I could see that becoming a problem if I don't get a grip before junior high. This has been a fun, eventful month. Here are some highlights:

  • You are wearing size 4 diapers during the day and I've put you in size 5 at night. (We wear target brand size 5 at night because mommy doesn't want to pay for overnight diapers).
  • You weigh just a few ounces under 20lbs. So you are not quite as out of control chunking out, but you sure are getting taller!!
  • You had your first haircut! Some days we style it in our fohawk and some days just messy spikey.
  • Your first tooth broke through - you don't really like anyone to see it though. 
  • I expect any day now you will start crawling. You lay your tummy and shake your arms and legs vigorously expecting that to make you move and you get very very frustrated when you do not!
  • You are wearing 12 month clothes and size 3 shoes.
  • You love to eat squash and bananas and peaches and you tolerate the green stuff.
  • You are displaying more and more boy qualities every day. You like to throw things and grunt at things and are very interested in any balls or trucks. 
  • You adore your big sasster and continue to take a lot of your cues from her. If she laughs you laugh. If she cries you cry.
  • When your dad came home from Bucharest, you were so excited to see him. Whenever he is in the room your eyes are glued to him and you follow him everywhere. 
  • You still love to jump and jump and jump in your jumparoo.
  • Tonight you graduated from your baby bath tub to the real thing. Other than getting water in your eyes from washing your hair, you were so excited to play and chew on your alphabet letters.
Every day I get to see new qualities in your personality and tender heart shine through. What a blessing you are. We continue to pray and beg and ask that the Lord would woo you to himself that you KNOW Him and SERVE Him and LOVE Him all the days of your life. 

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So everyone is writing thank-you posts, blogs, and tweets every day. 21 Days of Thankfulness. I havn't jumped on the bandwagon for 2 main reasons:

1. EVERYONE is doing it. I just felt a rebellion rise up in me to not be a follower.

2. I truly, deeply to the core of my being, believe that we are called to act like Thanksgiving is around the corner all year long. Every Day. All Day.

But, I am convicted this morning about a few things:

1. I am not all day every day Thankful. Sometimes I am fearful. Sometimes I am prideful.

2. Thankfulness drives away fear and pride. It instills healthy fear of God. My provider of all.

So, here I am a week and a couple days late, jumping on the band wagon. I am going to use this holiday, my favorite holiday, as an opportunity to practice what I should be better about every day, all day.

Today, I am thankful for:

1. My Jesus. My  Redeemer. Who saves me, loves me, delivers me and draws me to himself. I am a gross, ugly, stinky sinner. But because of his sacrifice, he gets glory from turning me to him.

2. My Studly Beast of a Man, Kyle Grier Wiley. My best blessing. My favorite blessing. My best friend. He is an amazing daddy and incredible husband. He loves and leads sacrificially. And gosh, he's handsome.

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If you'll remember from last year, our church looks at Halloween a little bit differently from the norm.

This year we had another bounce house, grilled hot dogs and handed out candy by the handful. It was amazing. So thankful for our church, our homegroup, and our neighborhood.

(I'll post a few more pics later)
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Big Sasster, Big Helper

Today we have been practicing Daylight Savings Time (just easier on the Moose's schedule to make the change on Saturday when we have no plans than on Sunday when we have church and homegroup), missing daddy, and filling our time with pointless activities like watching the Tech game.

Sasster wanted to be a big helper and help feed brother his lunch.

He. Loved. It. Seriously. He ate better for her than he does for me.

Other than putting too much food on the spoon, she did great!

So, the whole point of this post is that well, there isn't really a point. and I guess that's the whole point. mkay?
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