My Little Princess Monday

So far a success! We have painted our nails, made picture frames (separate blog post to come), played dressed up and took pictures. Lovin time with my girl!

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Taking Advantage of the Time (take that!)

It seems Mr. Shepherd is very content to stay in my belly for a little bit longer.

I don't blame him. Not really. He doesn't know any different. All he knows is my warm and cozy womb. He doesn't realize how warm and cozy his daddy's arms are, how delicious his new diet will be, or how delightful his big sister's singing voice is.

Sooo in an attempt to not drive myself crazy for the next two weeks with trying all kinds of crazy natural ways to induce labor (eating fresh pineapple? who knew?) ....

.....(and before I get a ton of comments, don't worry - nothing I'm trying is too crazy and is all perfectly safe after 38 weeks.).....

..... (and before I get suggestions-which I am HAPPY to receive - I will NOT try caster oil. Do you KNOW why that actually helps induce labor? NO. THANK. YOU. ).....

.....(sorry, got a bit carried away with the parenthesis there)......

....SO, I am going to plan really fun things to do for the next couple weeks to give myself things to look forward to. Mostly things with my favorite side-kick: Sassy Pants. These things also might include my favorite SBOAM (studly beast of a man) and only out of complete necessity and moral obligation, the two animals that I hate to love (love to hate?I never can get that straight).

My point is this...I really do want to take advantage of the time I have left with just being a family of 3 - whether that is 2 hours or two weeks or *gasp* longer. I would love suggestions of fun projects and activities (low energy for the mama please - I mean, i AM 38 weeks prego!)

So here's my plan for the week, thus far (I'm including this weekend because it's been really fun!)

Friday: Haircut day for the girls! (I promise she wore pants to the salon).

Saturday (yesterday): went to the library with Sassy Pants and stocked up on some great books! and I had a date night with SBOAM. We went to see True Grit - loved it!

Sunday: Church, maybe lunch out with friends, and watching the Oscars to see if the King's Speech or True Grit can take home best picture.

Monday: or as I am referring to it, "My Little Princess - Monday", manicures and making noodle/pasta jewelry and crowns and picture frames, playing make-up and dress-up, and taking pictures of our fun.

Tuesday: After-school treat at Sonic or maybe some fro-yo. Dinner at Durkins Pizza with the home-group.

Wednesday: Sookie is getting groomed (PRAISE. THE. LORD. she is disgusting....maybe this will help me fall more on the "love" side of line) Bagels date with the Sasster. If the weather is nice, coloring our patio with side-walk chalk, a walk to the play ground, and tricycle riding in the front.

Thursday: MY MAID BRIGADE IS COMING!!!! Yes, while I am at work, I'm cashing in on my amazing hostess gift. So when I come home, my home will be really really clean. So SO excited. Then, to top things off, I might have a little girl time with some girls that night.

Friday: Baby Doctor to see if my body has decided to cooperate in moving this baby towards the back door.

I'll make more plans after we touch base on Friday with the Doc. and posts to come!
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A Very Male Thing to Say...

So we are at the OB today checking on Shep. While we were waiting for the doctor, Kyle is looking at the posters of female anatomy on the back of the door and he makes this comment.....

"Wow, so the baby really is directly ON your bladder!"

(I have no words).

Tonight I told him I was putting this on the blog and his response is, "What's so funny about that?"

I say, "It's a very male thing to say"

He says, "I AM a man!"

(no words).
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Shepherd's Nursery

Well, I finally feel ready to have a baby! After my shower this past weekend and having a lot of help from my mom, we were able to finish the nursery so it will be ready when we bring our boy home.

I moved the canvas above his bed and
we got all of the bedding washed and
put on the bed.

We finished getting the big bed together
as well as got a side table where
we put the cute little yellow bike.

Still lovin the crib bumper with his
name on it. We also got a cute rug
that will make a great play
rug when he is older.

We hung LK's artwork on one side of the closet
and put the bubble frame on the other that has a
scripture in it.

My mom also helped me make a mobile that I love.
I decided to hang it from the ceiling instead of using
the arm on the side of the crib.

We got a shelf put up beside the changing table.
The diaper cake is from my shower - isn't it so cute?
The lion changing pad cover is one of my favorites
in the room - even though it doesn't match perfectly
it is too cute!!

My favorite gift from the shower is definitely
my Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag from my
mom. Isn't it awesome? Aahhhh, I love it!

How could I not put this on the blog?
Wreck 'em!

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Bedtime Prayer

Laura Kate:

"Dear Jesus, I love you Jesus. Thank you for daddy's eyes, ears, nose, mouth, glasses. Thank you for mommy's. I love you Jesus. Amen."
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The Perfect Bubble Bath

I don't think I'm an expert at many things, but I guarantee you, the Bubble Bath is one of them. So, I decided to pass on my knowledge to you. You're welcome.

*First thing to understand: The perfect bath is not your Daily Bath. There is a difference. Your daily bath (or shower) is when you do your chores (washing your hair, shaving, etc...). The perfect bath is for those long, stressful days or days you just need a little TLC - yes I realize that might be every day if you have a 2 year old and/or are pregnant, but there comes a time when you do HAVE to wash your hair and The Perfect Bath is not the place to do it.

*Second: I feel the need to address this before I get into this. Too many people's reason for not taking a bath is because they don't want to "sit in their own filth". My response to those people is this: 1. how filthy ARE you REALLY? and 2. If you really care that much stick to your showering and miss out on the sanity-restoration. It doesn't bother me ONE bit.

The Elements of the Perfect Bubble Bath

1. The Pillow. Every good bath needs a bath pillow. I like the cheap vinyl $3 one you can get at the grocery store. Your pillow can turn any bath tub into a comfy chair.

2. Water Temperature. Obviously this varies from person to person. I prefer somewhere between warm and hot. But, the trick is always aiming a little high because your water starts to cool off the moment it hits the porcelain. In fact for the final 2 inches of water, I recommend bumping it up high.

3. Bubble Bath. I don't think brand matters at all. I have had amazing bubbles from the stuff from the dollar store and wimpy bubbles from expensive department stores. The key is just using a GENEROUS amount of the the to two capfulls isn't going to get you very far.

4. Candles. Just something that smells good. I recommend putting them on the bathroom counter or on the end of the tub by your feet. You don't want to catch your hair on fire. Some time I'll tell you a fun story about that.

5. A good book. Now, don't freak out on me here. "Book" can mean magazine or I've even propped the laptop on the counter and watched a DVD before. This is not however the place for something that will make you think or want to underline. Pens do not belong near the tub. Save the heavy thinkers for the potty. You also need a hand-towel to dry off your hands before you grab your book.

6. Yummy Beverage. A coke, smoothie, glass of wine, juice, you like it, bring it.

7. All that's missing is you. Climb on in....relax a little bit, or a lot.
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Cohen's First Snow

My little squishy nephew played in the snow for the first time.

He had a small face plant.

Am I a bad aunt if I say this is my favorite picture ever of him???

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It is the winter storm of death....or it was and now we are just frozen.

Ice is different than snow. Snow, you can play in, be friends with, delight in. Snow is beautiful. It sticks to most everything and makes all things beautiful.

Ice sticks to concrete and asphalt. So if it snowed and I looked out my back door, I would typically see my patio wet, maybe a little white, but my entire yard would be white and beautiful. Not so with ice....I look out and my patio is covered in inch thick ice and the yard looks dead.

So it just so happens Sookie's woobie was outside when the storm hit. It is officially frozen to the patio. Sookie keeps wanting to go outside to check on her. Poor thing.

If you look to the right of the sand bucket in the picture about an inch, you will see Sookie's frozen woobie. And yes, the frozen part is my patio.

Poor Sookie

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