My Weekend, A List

1. I am addicted to Pinterest. It has changed my life.

2.On Thursday, LK and I made some art! (Thank you pinterest!)

This will be a seasonal art project. Summer Fireworks, Autumn Wreath, Thanksgiving Turkey, Christmas Tree, Valentine hearts, Four Leaf Clover, April Showers, May Flowers and back to Summer Fireworks!

3. Also on Wednesday, Kyle and I celebrated our 5th Anniversary (actual anniversary was the 15th).

I know this is out of order and Wednesday is not the weekend. eh. oh well.

For the past 5 years, we print half off coupons from Texas de Brazil and meet our friends Timmy and Malee for some meat. and some more meat. and some more meat. It's our one big splurge of the year and totally worth it!! yyyuuuummmmmyyyyyy!!!!

4. On Friday I got my hair cut!!!

My hair was falling out in wads and wads (normal wads and wads after having a baby) and Shepherd is in the grabbing stage. So I decided to chop it...I like it!

5. I worked on the kids/guest bath.

I hung square shelves that used to hang in LK's room for towels. Still waiting on the hand towels and wash rags.

I repainted a bookshelf and hung picture over potty. (This picture used to hang in Kyle's bathroom when he was growing up. I painted the matte and frame...)

And, I cleaned out Starbucks Frappuccino bottles, painted the lids and filled them with LK's shampoo, Shep's shampoo, LK's bubble bath, and Shep's body wash. I just need to make the labels on the front! Ah pinterest, pinterest, pinterest !

6. I made a book page wreath for my mom and for my sister! Here's the one for my mom...turned out great! My fingers sure were blistered though.....ah, the sacrifice for family and book-page wreaths!

7. We road-tripped it to Abilene to meet sweet baby nephew Jack on Saturday!!!

I also got to see my parents, sister, and Cohen!

I'll have pics of Jackson on a separate post soon!

8. I made my own Dishwasher and Laundry Detergent today.

I also found this on Pinterest. Looked it up on this blog. I think it will help save money/time. More so than couponing. For the Laundry, the blogger said she does 8 loads/week and it lasted her 9 months. We only do 3-4 so it may last us up to 18 months....definitely worth $12. (top that!)

Also, I wasn't sure about using the laundry soap with Shep's clothes so I substituted the fels-naptha with Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap, Baby-Mild bar soap.

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Rolly Polly Talking Mohawk

Yes, my little squishy man, I am talking to you.

Today, little four-month-old-going-on-four-year-old, you rolled over from your back to your tummy on a flat surface.

Also, you have discovered your voice. And true to Wiley form, you like to use it. Your first word was "sqwaaaauk!" You really like to sqwauk at your lion. I think it's because he sings back to you. Several mornings and naps, I have gone in to wake you up or get you up for a feeding and you are happily awake talking to your friends.

You just need to stop it. Stop the growing up so quickly! Your mommy is having a really hard time adjusting to how quickly you are growing up. So just stop it! Slooooooow the train down.

As time barrels by at lightening speed, I am reminded that our life is just a vapor. Here today, gone tomorrow. Our timing is not His timing.

Do you know, sweet happy boy, that that is my greatest prayer for you. That you would learn to feel the rhythm of His timing in every breath you take. That you would feel the rhythm of His grace, the rhythm of His discipline, the rhythm of His love. That His ways would be your ways.

Every sqwauk and roll was ordained by HIM. and I'm so glad I have the honor to experience it as your mommy (but if you could just slow it down a bit......)
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REALLY love being an aunt....

My nephew was born a week ago. I cannot believe I havn't met him yet!!! VERY soon, little man, very soon....just you wait!! You will LOVE Aunt Carrie!!!

Family posts about Jack:

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HOME, covered in moss

I've been working on our mantle. I wanted it to be very representative of what the Wiley home looks like. I started by putting up pictures that really show off our personalities.

I needed more green. More color.

I first saw these moss covered letters on Pottery Barn...... $79/each. yeah. right.

Then I found a way to make them at home: Thrifty Decor Chic.

So I took the idea and incorporated it into my mantle. I love the idea of using "live" things to add color and depth. Feels so much more alive.

What do you think?

So this was my first attempt to hang them.
Too high, and the spacing was off.
And I needed to move the pictures around
(just didn't like the arrangment).

Much Better.

I think they turned out well.

**I ended up hanging them using command 3M strips. Brilliant.

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LK/Shep 4 months

I've got cute kids.

LK almost 4 months/Shep 4 months

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Dear Shepherd (4 Months)

My not-so-little Shepherd Boy,

Wow! 4 months!! Time seems to be zooming by a lot faster than I would like! I love so much I have a hard time even putting it into words. It is hard to imagine what life was like before you were here. Today, I took you to the doctor. I just want you to know that not every mother would take their child to the doctor to get shots on their own birthday. You are welcome for preventing you from getting diseases. I know you will thank me later. Here's some other things:

  • You weigh 16lbs 9oz(75-90%) and are 25.8 inches long (90%)
  • You wear size 6/9 month clothes (sometimes 12month!) and size 3 diapers!!
  • You go down awake for every nap, the majority of the time without crying
  • You take about 4 naps a day for about an hour and half each
  • You are not sleeping through the night yet, only because you are so hungry!! Most nights you sleep 6 hours. I'm not frustrated though because I know the reason is because you are hungry and you go right back to sleep after eating.
  • Dr. G says we can start cereal (and we did tonight!) to try to get more calories in you to last the night!! You did so well with your first try! You swallowed it all and really seamed to like it!
  • You still really like tummy time. You already want to take off, but I'm praying it is a LOOOONG time before you figure out how!
  • It's appalling how long I you go between baths. I should be ashamed of myself.
  • You survived 2 road trips to Lubbock and 1 to Abilene. Praise the Lord we are done traveling for the Summer! (except for maybe a day trip when your cousin Jack is born!)
  • You still love the ceiling fan and your crib mobile. You love to play on your play mat. You love your little lion and try to attack him.
  • You are the happiest baby I have ever met! You smile and laugh so so much! You bring so much joy to my life!
  • You are SO LOVED!

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One more reason to love books....

Isn't it pretty? I got the idea from my friend Emily who got it from Lyndsay. There's a great tutorial on the Living with Lyndsay site.

The wreath turned out a bit larger (maybe due to the size of the book pages?) than I expected but I think it fits the space nicely :). It was fun to make, took about 2 hours and about $4.

What do you think?
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that's PRINCESS sassy pants to you!

For her whole life, my SBOAM, the king of the house, began telling sassy pants about being a princess. He has set the stage for our home and now she has absorbed it and lives it.

Kyle: "Who is the princess of our home?"
LK: "ME!"
Kyle: "Who is the prince of our home?"
LK: "Baby Shepherd!"
Kyle: "Who is the queen of our home?"
LK: "Mommy!"
Kyle: "Who is the king of our home?"
LK: "You are daddy!"
Kyle: "And who is Lord of our home?"
LK: "JESUS!!!!!"


"Miss Majesty?" she asked in her sing-song-a-little-too-perky-for-morning voice beside my bed.

"Yes?" I responded prying one eyelid open enough to see my little princess.

"Miss Majesty, will you please help me put on my princess dress and my princess shoes?" Her dad, the king, must have finished feeding her breakfast and now it was my turn.

I pried the other lid open to see she was "holding" up an imaginary dress and pair of shoes.....they were beautiful. really. you had to see them to believe their beauty. I sat up and helped her dress in her attire and thus began the princess extravaganza......


Other Princess Moments:

(and no, I am not making any of these up)

  • At Breakfast after Kyle had just returned home from Ecuador "This is our castle and our king has come home!"
  • My nephew had just shut himself in the Laundry room. LK to my sister: "Oh no! Whatever shall we do?!"
  • At the store with my dad, dad: "Oh no! Whatever shall we do?" LK: "We shall rescue the princess from the castle!"
  • "I'm getting married!" "Oh, you are?? to who?" "To the king! daddy!" "Fraid you're about 5 years too late for that one!"
She wrote a princess song....

"Sing it with me!!!"

She's a little princess, she's a little princess
little, little, she's a little princess!

(over and over and over)

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