A Saturday List

1. Today is Saturday.

The Day of Rest.

And working in the yard.

And other things that you didn't have time to do during the week.

2. Kyle tried out a reel mower to see how he liked it. He got a work-out and he liked it.

Did I mention it was a work-out?

3. I planted some flowers.

4. And put a wreath up. 

And my front Door is a happy place. 

and Pierpont is a happy knome.

5. I also finished up some framed prints for Fischer's room (tute to come in a later post).

6. We took some time in the afternoon to enjoy the pretty Spring day...

7. Kyle cleaned out the car. He's a work horse people. A Studly Beast of Man. And He is mine. 

8. I also did some Easter Basket shopping.

9. And found a black maternity dress for my cousin's wedding for [wait for it] $6.99!!!! 

10. I also spent some time growing a baby today. It's hard work, y'all.

11. And now, steaks are on the grill, coke's in the fridge and fries are crisping in the fryer.

**Best Homemand French Fries Recipe ever is The Pioneer Woman's Recipe... found here.**
(I season mine with seasoned salt and little sprinkles of sugar. yes sugar. because Wingstop does and everyone should want to be like Wingstop.)

And it's fitting because I feel like a Pioneer Woman today.

12. And now I plan on Resting. And it was good. Amen.

(P.S. I forgot to tell you about the dead bunny. 

Sookie proudly found a dead bunny in the yard. 

I screamed and ran in the house. 

Unfortunately Laura Kate ended up seeing it.

This lead to a conversation about death. 

And rising from the dead.

It was a teaching moment for all of us.)
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Alphabet Cards

We are high achievers in the Wiley family. We fully expect Fisch to know his ABC's by the time he's 3 weeks old, so when I found this free printable on Pinterest I was so excited! Also, they are really cute.

(By the way, what a cool blog to check out even if you aren't interested in the ABCs....really cool stuff and awesome printables....love it all! http://www.thehandmadehome.net/)

I'm really pleased with how they turned out. I printed the cards on cardstock, as recommended by the blogger, and used twine to hang them on the wall. They printed larger than I expected but I am glad. They fill the wall by his crib nicely.

More projects to come this weekend! 

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Fischer, 24 weeks


I am so sorry mommy has neglected writing to you the past couple weeks! Things have been a bit busy here in our house!

At 24 weeks you are around 12 inches long (like an ear of corn) and weigh a little over a pound now. You ar growing and growing. This is the first milestone date and if you came crazy early, your chances of survivial are a lot greater. BUT, don't you dare come out yet! You just sit tight in there for a good 15 more weeks, mkay?

We went to the doctor yesterday and you are measuring right now track. We do have one small potential concern to watch out for.  Dr. Pierce said our ultrasound showed a "low-lying placenta" where your placenta has attached too close to the cervix (within 2 cm). The good news is that most of the time this problem goes away on its own as mommy continues to stretch and grow with you. If it does not get better, then things might get a little trickier during labor. (***Prayers welcome for this to resolve itself!! We will have another sono at 32 weeks to check up on everything).

Mommy: is still feeling pretty great. I wear myself out trying to fit too much into the day. I have starting a little bit of nesting....as in your room is pretty much done except for decorative projects and repainting your dresser. (I'll out up pictures after I get the cute stuff on the walls....maybe some this weekend!)

SBOAD: Is trucking away at work, chasing after the moose, and playing "Octonauts" with your Sasster. Let me just tell you that you are getting the best daddy in the world, and not just because he can give a spot-on mickey mouse accent, but because he will passionately pray for you and do everything in hiss power to lead you towards Jesus. You couldn't be more blessed.

The Sasster: Yesterday I was trying to explain to the Sasster what maternity clothes are and why mommy has to wear them since her tummy is growing with you. Her response was: "OH! Now you can wear clothes like Daddy!"

The Moose: OH the trouble you two are going to get into together. There is this little mischievous side to him that is starting to come out in him that makes daddy laugh and keeps mommy on her toes. I can only imagine what is going to happen when he has someone to conspire with. I see a future of forts, bugs, dirt, and lots and lots of messes!

I love you. So much. I am so enjoying being pregnant with you and every time you move, I smile and thank Jesus for creating your life! I can't wait to meet you!!

[belly pic to come]
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My Kids Rock Monday

I was challenged by a blogger I read to take Mondays and brag about my kids. I like the word challenge here because there are days when that's exactly what it is - a challenge. It's really easy for me to be critical and frustrated about the things I don't like or want to be better. In fact, I think I do a lot better job of critiquing my kids than bragging about them, and if I don't brag about them, who will? So I'm going to take the challenge to brag about my kids on Mondays...

Laura Kate tells me she loves me about 5 times a day. "I really love you" she says to me. It melts my heart every time. That's a pretty awesome 3 year old, to tell her mommy that so much.

Shepherd is such a great napper and sleeper. He sleeps 12 hours at night and takes 2, 2 hour naps a day. So blessed with a rockin 1 year old who loves his sleep so much!

Happy Monday! Go brag on your kids!

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Changing the World, One Boy at a Time

The night before Shepherd's birthday party I was with my mom at Target helping her find a couple other Grammy presents. We were on a boy toy aisle....you know the ones.....cars, trucks, airplanes, dinosaurs, balls galore. In my mind I am thinking...."let's get to the Barbie aisle!!!" Noticing the blank look on my face, my mother says to me..."Carrie, you need to get excited about this aisle - this is your future!!"

It's true...I need to get excited about the boy aisle.

I started praying for each of my kids the moment I knew of their existence. I knew that Shepherd was a boy just about from the beginning. I believe the Lord gave me Shepherd's name and I believe he gifted our family with a future warrior for Him. I am truly excited about boys and love that the Lord created them different from me and different from the Sasster. But I have been a little slow-moving in the planes, trains, and automobile department. My brain is just hard-wired for Barbies, tutus, and lip gloss. I realized when I had to research what to get my boy for his first birthday present while having to narrow down and choose between 10 things for my girl's birthday that I needed to get my boy brain in gear. It also doesn't help that come July, the Sasster and I will be outnumbered.

It occurred to me that the different ways of thinking for daughters and sons doesn't only pertain to toys. The first thing it starts with is prayer and recognizing that boys relate to the Lord differently than girls. It only makes sense that praying for Shepherd and Fischer will need to be different than how I pray for Laura Kate.

In searching for resources online I came across this book and challenge and I am so excited about it. Especially today because TODAY ONLY (Thursday, March 22nd) you can get this book for FREE.....

Let me know if you decide to do it. I'd love to know what friends are also going through this and would love to chat about it.

(***Don't for one little second think I am not also passionately praying for my little sassy pants as well. I can't wait to share some other ideas and resources I have found for girls in a different post!)

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A Sassy Invasion

It wasn't long after we found out about #3 that the planner in me started to try and figure out how to make 3 kids work in the space that we have and fit within the needs of our family. We like our kids to sleep in their beds in their room from night one (and have seen this work brilliantly for both #1 and #2) so just waiting until Fischer was old enough to share with Shepherd wasn't really an option for us. We talked about converting our front office into a bedroom, but it would be small and would close off a space I really enjoy being open. We finally decided that the best thing for now is for LK to share Shep's room until Fischer is old enough and ready to share with Shepherd.

We wanted to give them plenty of time to transition before adding a new baby so a couple months ago we put the date of March 16th on the calendar and made plans for Laura Kate to be gone for the day so we could make the change complete and she wouldn't have to be anxious during the upheaval stage.

For weeks I have been organizing toys and working on projects to be able to make the space functional and cute. I am very pleased with how things have turned out and am very proud of my kids. We are only on night two and both nights they have both giggled and "talked" for about 30 minutes before falling asleep. In the morning LK woke up first and quietly left the room without waking up brother.

So here it is, the new room....

This is the view from the door.

 Shepherd's reading chair and basket of chairs

This is the view of Shepherd's bed and canvas.
The sign above the moose head says "moose spoken here".

 I wanted to have a special reading corner and space and this turned out really well! 

This picture is one of the projects I worked on. I followed this tutorial and the total cost was $11. (Be careful of what spray adhesive you use, the first one I used ate the syrofoam). The little yellow bike is one I painted for Shep's nursery before he was born. We moved the square bookcase from the den into their room.

I need a way to organize LK's dress-up stuff without having to build something major or pay lots of money for something. We found this silver kitchen shelf at IKEA for $15 and it works perfectly to hang her dress-up clothes. The suitcase is one from when I was a little girl that my grandparents gave me. The drawer organizer in the corner used to be white. I spray-painted it purple and am using chalk-board paint to paint a square to label each drawer. The table was an IKEA clearance find. I got it for $5 but it was missing the legs. I just used the pink legs from LK's pink table in her room and it works perfectly. 

 This is the view of LK's bed. The canvas is the one I painted for her nursery with her verse on it before she was born. You might recognize the gumball mosaic from this post. The yarn wreath used to hang on the outside of her bedroom door. This is still the cute bed that mom and I made a year ago. But I made a new duvet cover for her by sewing two flat twin sized sheet together from cute cheap sheets from Wal-mart ($10 total.) The big pillow I recovered from black and white fabric that was also an IKEA clearance find and scrap minky fabric for the letters. 

This is her bedside table.

This is their closet!! Thanks Grammy for the organizers for Shep's birthday. I am very please with how everything fit and looks cute at the same time!

I am very please with how the switch over is going so far! Keep praying for a smooth move before Mr. Fischer makes his appearance!

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Dear Shepherd (12 Months)

Dear Shepherd,

It is so hard to believe your first year of life is behind you! I love you so much that every time I look at you my heart turns to mush! This is my favorite age so far with you because your little personality is really shining! Here's what's going on with you right now:
  • You weigh 21lbs 14oz (50%) and are 29.8 inches tall (75%)!
  • You still wear size 4 diapers and you are wearing 12-18month clothes and size 4 shoes
  • You hate the bath with a passion. You cry big alligator tears every time we make you take a bath (which is only once a week right now since it is so traumatic. Every other night we just have a sponge bath).
  • Your 7th tooth just popped through this week.
  • You are just finishing up a growth spurt and want to eat every 5 minutes!!
  • You still only crawl on your tummy, but you slide everywhere very fast! 
  • You are pulling up on everything and "cruising around the furniture". Still no interest in standing on your own and when we try to walk with you for very long you just plop on your bottom. I think we are still a little ways away which is just fine by me!
  • You are still not too fond of vegetables unless they are pureed or drenched in applesauce. 
  • You love music and will "conduct" and dance around and wave your arms in the air whenever you hear music.
  • You still refuse to clap but you have started waving :).
  • You loooove your daddy and still think your sasster hung the moon.
  • We just moved your sister in to share your room with you today (separate post to follow)
  • You are saying "mama" and "dada" and do a lot of yelling and squaking
We had a very fun moose party for your first birthday party! Grammy and Papa came along with many other friends and PawPaw and Mimi, Pappy and Ninna, Sassy and CaCa, and Great Granny and Great Grandaddy all sent special presents! 

Here are some pictures from your party:

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A Lately List

1. Lately, we have been busy getting reading for someone's birthday this weekend!

2. Lately, I have started to feel a little bit more pregnant. Still lovin it though!

3. Lately, the Sasster has been waking up at 5:30  a.m.

4. Lately, the Moose has learned to spit. And he thinks it is the funniest thing in the world.

5. Lately, I have been in Project mode.....getting things ready for the Sasster to invade the Moose's room.

It's going to be epic.

For so many reasons.

Mainly for the amount of glue I am using for a particular project.

And also for the fact that it is the Sasster and Moose who are going to share a room.

Pray for me.

6. Lately, I have been getting really excited about having a Fischer!

7. Lately, Fischer has been very excited that everyone stopped calling him a "her".

8. Lately,  Lucy the cat has been very strategic about when and where she naps because apparently a little Moose loves to interrupt her naps.

9. Speaking of naps, this mama has been needing more and more (see #2 and #3).

10.  Lately, I am halfway to having a baby! My little pregnant, nesting brain is very busy making lists. Lots of lists about lists. It's exhausting (see #9).

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It's A........


We are so excited (and a little surprised!) that our 3rd Wiley Scout will be a boy! YAY! 
Fischer is on schedule to be here July 19!! 
So sorry to all who were anxiously awaiting a phone call or text. Of all days, my phone broke on the way to my appointment and I cannot get it fixed until tomorrow. Please forgive me for having to find out online first!

I don't know that I've ever been more proud of the Sasster. She looked and saw the blue balloons and said "That means it's baby Fischer!!!" She is actually happy about it!!! Thank you Jesus.

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