In Other News....

Life's happenin y'all.

In other news, I sprained my ankle. It hurts and most nights look like I have an Easter egg instead of an ankle. It happened and then Kyle went to Canada for a week. But I survived and life goes on.

In other news, Laura Kate is reading everything. And i do mean everything. She has figured out the code and now it is her favorite thing.

In other news, Shepherd is slowly adding new words like at dinner after we pray he says, "Amen!". He also loves to give kisses to his cars and trucks. And he is obsessed with the movie Cars.

In other news, Fischer is a rolly polly. And he says mamamamama and dadadadadadada. But his eczema is acting up like crazy.

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Dear Fischer (Six Months)

Dear Fischer,

As I held you while you slept and listened to you sleep, with your cold-induced stuffy-nosed breathing, I thanked Jesus over and over for your little breaths, for you 21lb body, for your sweet smiles, for your giggles, for your health, for the way you sleep all night, for your watchful eye, and tender personality. I am reminded daily through you that children are a reward and a blessing. I find great joy and delight in being your mommy.

- you weigh 20lbs 13oz and are 27.3 inches tall!! (Yes friends, you read that right....almost 21 lbs!)
- you wear 9 month and 12 month clothes and still size 2 shoes
- you wear size 3 diapers
- you have started eating some fruits and veggies and yogurt
- you roll over both ways
- still not super excited about sitting up on your own
- you love to jump in your jumperoo
- you take a great morning and afternoon nap and still hang on to a 45 minute evening nap
- we dedicated you to the Lord at our church and had a wonderful weekend with Grammy and Papa
- you survived your first cold

We love you dearly, sweet Fischer!


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Why I Havn't Blogged In Almost Two Weeks (A List)

Hi. My name is the Mama. It has been twelve days since my last blog post.

Here's why:

1. Last week, we were all sick with a cold.

First Shepherd.

Then Fischer.


Then the Mama.

And lastly the Sasster.

2. The saddest was my little Fisch Stick. Poor thing. I took him to the doctor twice for the same stuffy cold. Only to be told the same schpeel I have been told every time I have ever taken any baby to the doctor for a cold. I could recite it in my sleep: suction and saline, baby vicks on feet, cool mist humidifier, elevate the mattress, eucalyptus bath, comfort nurse, and lots of snuggles and prayer. Still, I took him in twice. Peace of mind people. Peace. Of. Mind.

3. My little moose was pretty pathetic too. Lots of snuggle time. Lots of fits. Lots of waking in the night. Poor thing.

4. Luckily it does seem that the bigger the body, the less traumatic the cold. Not always the case, but it was this time.

5. Y'all remember my beautiful laundry plan? It has been working fabulously....up until the week of the sickness. I am not caught up. I am really far behind. Hoping to get back on track this weekend.

6. My favorite mommy holiday happened. V-day. It was epic. (Separate post to follow).

7. Boot Camp. I joined a gym y'all. And started going to the Boot Camp class. OOOOoooooOOOOiiiiioooiiiieeeeeeeeee y'all! oo! I am one sore mama!

A local church here in McKinney has a fitness center open to the community for $30 a quarter ($10/month) for full access to their facility during their open hours, free classes, and get childcare for the bootcamp class that is held Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. So I've decided to try it. I've been going for two weeks and I am really enjoying it. My goal is not to gain weight (although that would be awesome), but I'm hoping it will help me sleep better at night and help my have more energy during the day. Working so far. And also working to remind me how out of shape I am. :-)

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Book Confessions

So here's the deal: I don't think I read books like most "normal" people. So when I set a goal to read 100 books in a year, I guess I should explain myself.

These are my confessions...

1.  Might as well start with a big one: I dog-ear my books. I know, I know. All of my english teacher friends just gasped and asked themselves whether we could still be friends. It's alright y'all. I own the book. It gives it personality. Makes it feel read. (Don't worry, I don't dog-ear borrowed books or library books).

2. Not necessarily intentionally, but I do break the spines on books. It's the way I hold them. If a book doesn't feel good sitting in my hands it's going to affect me wanting to read it. Again, I own the book. I am not defiling the author, the characters, or the story. I'm just getting comfortable with my book. (Again, if you lent me a book, to the best of my ability I keep the spine safe).

3. I read a lot of fiction. And when I read fiction, I read it fast. If I get connected with a character, it is really difficult for me to put a book down. I read it the bathtub, I read when I'm nursing, I read before bed, I read waiting in lines at the store, I read during naptime.

4. It takes me twice as long (if not longer) to read non-fiction.

5. The test of a good book for me is whether I want to reread it or not. My favorites I reread every year. I probably don't reread every page every time. Occasionally I will skip ahead to favorite parts or skim parts I don't particularly like. But it's pretty much a sure thing that I will read Harry, Hunger Games, Twilight, The Christy Miller Series, and The O'Malley Series every year at least once. And considering I've already read the Divergent books twice in a month, I can probably guarantee it's going to be on my annual list. Sometimes I reread favorites many times a year. It's like eating comfort food. On a bad day, if I'm not watching Gilmore Girls, I'm probably reading a favorite book. There are times I would rather reread a book I already know I love rather than risk reading a book I might not. Call me moody. Just don't be surprised if you see several Harry re-reads on my 100 list.

6. I read, enjoyed, and reread Twilight.

7. I read books like I'm watching a movie. I don't even see the words after awhile. If it's good, I completely connect to the world the author creates.

8. I have to have a picture in my head of the character. A lot of times, I will assign someone I know or a famous actor for the part. I just have to know who it is. Movie adaptations can completely ruin the characters for me if the actor they cast does not match up to who I have in my head. I am still not over Edward (James Pattinson) or Sirius Black (Gary Oldman).

9. (Take a deep breath and try to remember all of the things you love about me) Not every single time, but a lot of the time, if an author describes a character as ugly, I change it in my head so the person is actually really pretty. I'm not talking about bad guys. Bad guys are always ugly. I'm talking about when an author describes the main character as, "not particularly pretty" or "no remarkable characteristics" or my personal non-favorite, "mousy". I know. I know. It's messing with the author's characters. I know. I know. I'm shallow and vain. I know. I know. I'm a hypocrite.

10. If it's a really good book, and I can't put it down, I will stay up till 3 in the morning to finish it.

11. The Characters I read become my friends. It is part of the reason I like to reread so much. It's like visiting old friends.

12. I smell books. Literally stick my nose in the middle of a book and smell. There is nothing like a good book smell. I wish I could bottle it. But then, there's also nothing worse than a bad book smell.

Wondering why we're still friends?

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An Update On Shepherd

First of all, I just want to say thank you so much for all of your sweet words of encouragement and all of your prayers for our special little Moose. The post on Shepherd's development was one of the all-time most read blogs. It is really moving to know that we have people, like you, who love and support us. People who don't just laugh at our funny posts, but who cheer for us and encourage us for the hard times too.

It's been a litte over a month since Shepherd has been working with his EIS (Early Intervention Specialist) and his SLP (Speech Language Pathologist). Even though it has only been a short time, we have seen incredible improvement. 

First of all, Shepherd has added several new words to his vocabulary. He now regularly says: juice, circle, green, apple, yes, bowl, phone, color, triangle, and even a few more that he has said once or twice. He also calls me mama all the time.....sweetest sound to my ears.

One of the main things he has been working with his EIS on is following directions. By age of 2, most children should be able to follow two-step directions. We have been working with Shepherd on following simple one step directions and he has made vast improvements. One of my favorite things are that he gives kisses. Oh my mushy heart, yall. 

He also has walked around the whole cul-de-sac holding my hand without letting go. It's the first time he has ever walked holding my hand. Even when he was learning to walk he wouldn't hold my hands. He would plop down on his bottom and throw a fit if we even tried to hold his hand. This has been particularly frustrating when we go somewhere and I need him to walk so I can hold Fischer. While we aren't at a place yet where I can trust him to walk somewhere holding my hand where he doesn't want to go, these little improvements are huge and give me great hope that we will be able to soon.

He has gotten very good at putting toys away. He's way better than even his big sasster. We will say "in" and he will help pick up his toys and put them in the bucket they go in.

Another thing we have all noticed is how good of a memory he has. Even his specialist has commented on it. For example, one of the things he does with the EIS is read books and point at pictures. This last time when he first saw her come in the door, he ran and got the books they left off with the last time and brought them to her on his own initiative.

I was telling Kyle earlier today that I think it has greatly improved my relationship with him. Due to the nature of his therapy, I am spending more intentional time with him and not only is it helping to improve his skills and speech, but it is bringing us closer together. I am so very thankful for this.

While we still have a ways to go, my heart is swollen with hope for Shepherd's future and joy for the accomplishments he has already made. Thank you for reading and thank you for caring. 

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