Gag Me

We've been having a little trouble with naptime lately. LK is outgrowing it (yes, on days when she is not in school I have still been making her nap...for my sanity) and Shep follows her cues.

Well the other day, I had tried everything to get them to settle down. After multiple disciplines, and the loss of all of her privileges, she finally came out of her room.

"Mommy, I'm going to need some more clothes."


"These are ruined."

"What do you mean they are ruined?"

"Well, I just threw up." (She says happily).

"What do you mean? Are you not feeling well??"

"Well, I just threw up and it was fun!"

....walking with her to her room to get her new clothes, I hear Moose screams.

"Oh, Mommy, I think little Shep is going to need some new clothes too."

....stopping.... "why?"

"Well, he just threw up too!" (she adds excitedly).

"You both threw up? Are you both sick?"

"Well, I just showed him how."

"You showed him how to throw up?"

"Yep! It was really funny!"

("Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. Jesus.")

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Dear Fischer (7-8 Months)

Dear Fischer,

You are eight months old and growing every day before my very eyes. Literally every time I look at you, you get bigger. Such a good reminder that the Lord is the one orchestrating your days, your growth and development. I love watching your personality develop. I find so much delight in being your mommy and the Lord is so good to graciously remind me that the feeling I get with you, that deep down gut love you would die for you kind of love, is exactly how he feels about me. I continue to pray little one, that He would call you to himself that you follow him all of your days. That you would KNOW him.

- I think you weigh somewhere between 21-22lbs. and are as tall as a baby giraffe.
-You wear size 4 diapers, 12 month clothes, size 2-3 shoes
- We have just dropped your moonlight feeding and you now sleep from 7:00pm till 7:30am (12.5 hours!!)
- Still nap 1.5 -2 hrs in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon
- Your first tooth popped through on Easter morning. Mommy is so glad since we've been working on that one tooth for four months now.
- You are sitting fairly well but I still put pillows around you in case you topple over.
- You have not crawled one inch but I can tell you are getting frustrated with not being able to move.
- You have officially had enough of the baby swing and are pretty quickly losing interest with the jumperoo
- You growl. And by growl I mean, a grizzly bear growl. It is your chosen method of communication. Happy, sad, glad, mad, hungry, tired. If necessary you will resort to babbling or crying. You get a lot of funny giggles and looks.
- You had your first "room-time" in your bed and did awesome!! 

I love you, little man!


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