My Super Cute Mom Fail

The Kindergarten department at LK’s school makes a huge deal out of the 100th day of school. They have a fashion show and all of the kids wear an item of clothing (shirt, pants, hat, etc…) with 100 things on it.
Kyle was out of town and I needed a project so I scanned through Pinterest looking for ideas and finally came up with the idea (of my own accord…not another one on Pinterest) to make a cupcake shirt with 100 sprinkles on it.
Here’s how it went down (as usual with my crafty ideas, I just jump in and it may or may not be the best way to do things, I just don’t really ever have the patience to figure out the “right” way of doing things. Here’s my way anyway)….
1. I got a white shirt from Walmart…
2. I made a pattern on paper of a cupcake….
3. I traced and cut out the pattern on lightweight fabric interfacing….
4. I ironed on the interfacing to the back of some scrap tshirts (left over from my tshirt blanket project… coming soon)…
5. I cut out the cupcake shape from the fabric…
6. I ironed on interfacing on the underside of the tshirt front….
7. I pinned the cupcake on the shirt…
8. I used a close zigzag stitch to sew around the outline of the cupcake….
(Here’s where the really brilliant, do as I say not as I do, part comes in….)
9. I cut out 100 sprinkles from brightly colored pipe cleaners and hot glued them on the shirt…
10. I was super impressed with my project….Looked amazing…
11. I texted a few friends and family … “Look how cute LK’s shirt turned out!!!”
The next morning when she saw it, she LOVED it. We picked out a matching tutu and hairbow and I sent her off to school this morning, SO. PROUD. of my little cutie!!
I mean, really….can you be any CUTER?! I submit that you cannot.
All day, I thought about her and showed off her cute picture.
(Here it comes…. the great fall after the pride….)
When I picked her up from school today, she happily told me all about her day and how much fun the fashion show was. THEN I TOOK OFF HER COAT….
Guys…. her sweet, precious little arms are all scratched up….BAD…. from my brilliant sprinkle idea. I would post a picture but I am too ashamed.
If anyone wants to duplicate my brilliant project, may I suggest using brightly colored puff paint to make your sprinkles instead?

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