Day Date!

Kyle and I had the chance yesterday to have a date during the day thanks to Fun Jen keeping the big boys at home! (Archer came with us because, nursing). 

I have somewhat of a "Dallas bucket list" of things I want to do here before we move. One of those things was to go to the Sherlock Holmes exhibit at the Ross Perot Museum. 

I was so excited to get to go! The other thing we considered doing was going to the George W. Bush Presidential Library but we settled on Sherlock since it is only available for a limited time. I don't think we will have the chance to go before we move, but we can come back and visit. 

We had a great time at exhibit and I'm really glad we went. 

The exhibit has you work through a crime mystery Sherlock style as well as showcasing several cool items from back when the original books were written and other neat things that fit the genre. 

For the record, Kyle and I both got the mystery wrong. Still a lot of fun though!

My only critique is the price. It was pricey, not for the exhibit itself but because you also have to purchase tickets to the whole museum even if you aren't interested in seeing the other exhibits that day. 

Afterwards, we went and ate lunch at Chuy's! SO. GOOD. 

Such a fun day! Special shout-out to Fun Jen for holding down the fort for us! 

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Wiley Scouts In Action

My kids love to be in front of a camera... imagine that.

First, here is an original piece, composed and PERFORMED.... by the Sasster herself... enjoy!

Shepherd came out after bath with his PJ pants hiked to his armpits. Kyle and I think it is CRUCIAL to our kids upbringing that we create as many wedding slideshow moments as possible. You are WELCOME future Mrs. Shepherd Wiley.

Fischer did not want to be left out of the video making. His favorite song is the ABC's right now. Please excuse my awkward mouth! Shout-out to Mrs. Molly and Mrs. Stephanie.... he LOVES LEARNING!

And finally, if Archer's giggles, don't make your day, then you are a cold, dead fish. 

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