The Reward of Relationships and the Gift of Goodbye

"Did Great-Grandpaw die?"

"Yes, baby, he did."

"I'm so glad he is in Heaven. He was so loving and he loved us so much. I'm going to miss his love so much!"

Me too.

I have always known my Grandpaw was an extrovert. ANYONE who met him or heard of him could gather that. But with him, it went so much deeper than just being energized by being around people (although he was, even to his last days). Grandpaw decided people matter, people are worth something, and the value of investing in people is an immeasurable return.

As far as the world's standards, he didn't have a lot of money. But this past week, I saw my Grandpaw die a wealthy man, launching a legacy so full of love and proclaiming one important message: LOVING PEOPLE IS WORTH IT. It's worth the time. It's worth the heart. It's worth the energy. It's worth the sacrifices. It's worth holding on for one more hug, one more kiss and one last reminder of the most important relationship of all... our eternal one with Jesus.

I know without question that he knew how much we loved him, without us having to tell him, and I am certain that the future will hold days when I wish I could call and talk to him one more time, or ask him one more thing, or hear his laugh or see his smile one more time. But I am so thankful for the chance to tell him one last time that we loved him.

We, his family, had the privilege of having sweet moments with him in his last days. My siblings and cousins came into town and joined my parents and aunt and uncle, and his wife, and his sister, and nieces, and friends, and pastors, and even the nurses and doctors. We all received the gift of his final days. A gift of hearing special things like how much he loved us, how proud he was of us, instructions for how to do things and what to do about other things (ha! if you knew him, you know he couldn't let the opportunity pass to instruct about one more thing!), and he told us how much he loved and trusted Jesus. We received the gift of honoring him and telling him how much we loved him and how thankful we were for his legacy. And we said goodbye.

What a loving, kind, smart, God-centered, family-oriented, RICH man! I'm so honored to be a part of his heritage.

(A lot of pictures have been shared amongst family this week so I'm not sure whose is whose is whose. If you'd like to claim credit, just email me ;).

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{Weekend Recap}:Couples Shower and Dinner Party

We had a busy fun weekend!

On Friday night we had an "I Do BBQ", a couple's shower celebrating Ben and Hannah! It was so much fun. I personally love couples showers because it celebrates BOTH people in the marriage and involves more people. We had a great time!

On Saturday, Kyle went turkey hunting with Blake. They didn't shoot anything, other than this awesome picture. ha!

Meanwhile the kids and I were having a lazy Saturday morning watching cartoons. We went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch and then we came back home to make "get well soon" cards. My Grandpaw has been in the hospital for over a week recovering from complications after surgery. We thought some cards and a banner might help cheer him up and give him something happy to look at!

While they were working on the cards, I threw supper together in the crock pot.... Carrie's Chicken! Everybody was happy with that!! 

Yesterday at church, Kyle and I served in the Children's Ministry and had a blast. Kyle is straight up GIFTED at play doh. I told him he could start a play doh ministry. I didn't get any pictures of his work but I did shoot this quick video of praise time with our class. I can think of few things sweeter than these little ones dancing and praising Jesus.

And then last night I hosted a fabulous dinner party. We ate late so babies could be in bed. I cooked up a Mexican Feast! My Chicken Enchiladas (look for a recipe later this week!), refried black beans, garlic cilantro lime rice, Chips and homemade salsa and queso, and bacon wrapped cream cheese stuffed jalopenos. And we finished the night with Sopapilla Cheesecake and vanilla ice cream. It was amazing. And I was so proud of myself, because I stayed up lated to do all of the dishes because I knew it would help me start my week off on the right foot!

Here's to a great new week!

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{Friday Favorites}: Shep's Snaggletooth Grin

Happy Friday! These are a few of my favorite things:

Shepherd lost his first tooth this week! And while teeth ARE NOT MY THING, Shepherd's sweet snaggle-tooth grin is my FAVORITE! 

It's Spring Break this week for my kiddos and Laura Kate got to spend the night with Grammy and Papa! They went shopping, at at Cracker Barrel, and finished the night with an LK fashion show. Laura Kate's fashion shows are my FAVORITE. One on one time with Grammy and Papa is LK's FAVORITE.

Lemon Verbena Scentsy is my FAVORITE scent right now. It smells like clean and fresh and nice things. You should try it! (Order some here).

This week Archer and I ate lunch at Chicken Salad Chick (my FAVORITE) with Grammy! Lunch with my Mama is my FAVORITE.

This kid cracks me up. This was earlier in the week before all the rain decided to join us for our Spring Break. Fischer and Sunshine are my FAVORITE.

I had to go shopping for a new swim suit, which is NOT my favorite, but running into sweet friends at the store is absolutely my FAVORITE!! Hi Jenn!

Sunday was National Sibling Day. Being friends with my siblings is my FAVORITE!

It took me a lot of living to find my favorite mascara, but IT HAS HAPPENED. Truly changed my life. It's Almay's one coat triple effect.

Wednesday Night City Group is my FAVORITE! Love love love these people!

Sweeeeeeeet baby snuggles are my FAAAAAAAAVOOORRRIIITTTEEE!!!

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