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Getting to Know the BFBN

I'm so exited about our topic today. Today, each of the bloggers in the Babywise Friendly Blog Network are doing a sort of introduction post for the BFBN. If you read this blog somewhat regularly, you probably see me posting from time to time about it, but maybe wonder about what it's all about. Today should answer that question.

There is a lot of negativity about Babywise on the internet. A lot. (For the record... a lot of the hate is myth! We actually covered some of the myths last year and you can read about that here). So several years ago, Valerie Plowman, from Chronicles of a Babywise Mom (the most well-known BW blog) started a network of Bloggers to help add some positive resources.

Here what Val says about starting this group:

In 2007, I started by blog in order to help parents with their Babywise questions. The internet was not a friendly place for Babywise inquiries and I wanted to be a voice for people who needs help and encouragement.
Four years later, in 2011, I wanted to expand that vision just beyond myself. Hearing from one person who does Babywise is nice, but wouldn't several be even better? So I started the Babywise Friendly Blog Network. My vision was to have a group of bloggers who all follow Babywise who could work together to create one massive resource collectively for Babywise parents. Everyone has different life experiences in general, and this is especially true in parenting. Among all of us, we could more fully address the needs of parents out there.
Nearly 6 years later, the Babywise Friendly Blog Network (BFBN) is stronger than ever! We have had so many great bloggers join over the years and we have a fantastic group today.

Some people wonder why this is still a relevant group for me since my children are older and I don't have any babies. And this is actually something I chatted with Val about recently. I think the answer is because there are still many applicable principals from the Babywise System, and also because it's important to see how BW can help produce well-adjusted, good sleeping, older children. I absolutely believe in Babywise and continue to see fruit and benefits as my children grow.

I was invited to join this group just over two years ago and this group of women has become a sweet group of friends for me. Between the eight of us, we have 26 kids with 2 on the way and 3 sets of twins! There is so much wisdom, experience and encouragement in this group and I would love it if you got to know them and and their blogs too!

Chronicles of a Babywise Mom

Yall. I cannot tell you enough how much I have used this blog as a resource for my baby days. It has answers to EVERYTHING Babywise related with several search options and label options. If you use Babywise with your babies, you are going to want to bookmark Val's blog.

Valerie has four kids: Brayden (12), Kaitlyn (10), McKenna (8), and Brinley (5). She has been married to Nate for 13 years. She is a technical writer with a degree in English. She lives in Utah and loves to sing, organize, watch football, and direct musicals.

These are a few of my favorite posts of hers:

The Journey of Parenthood

Ok. Here's where I tell you how I stalked Emily's blog when I couldn't sleep when I was pregnant with Archer. I found her blog from Val's blog and I pretty much binge-read on those sleepless nights. I have no doubt if we ever hang out in person that Emily I would be the best of friends. She loves Jesus, is organized, budget-savvy, realistic and loves a good routine as much as me! She's super creative and has so many great parenting ideas.

Emily is married to Zach and has 3 kids (with 1 on the way hopefully soon via adoption): Kye (8), Britt (5),  and Tess (3).

Also Disney. She's been to Disney more than me and rivals my love of it for sure!

These are some my favorite posts on her blog:

Team Cartwright

Kimberly joined the BFBN at the same time as me and it has been a joy getting to know her! She's been married to her husband Pat for 8 years and has three kids: Benjamin (3) and Twin girls Alison and Samantha (17 months). We have bonded over books because she loves to read! She is super passionate about the STEM fields and helping kids explore the world around them!

These are some of my favorite posts on the Team Cartwright Blog:

Mamas Organized Chaos

Katrina is one sassy lady and an excellent writer. She's smart, organized and provides another great resource for you as primarily a Babywise focused blog.

She is married and has a daughter Caroline (2.5 years) with another one on the way! She's an Aggie but we can still be friends (Wreck 'em Tech!).  She loves cloth diapers, a great baby schedule, makes her own baby food, and she used to be an engineer and high school chemistry teacher. So basically she's another smart girl!

Some of my favorite posts on Katrina's blog are:

Let's Be Brave

So Natasha's blog is a little different from the others for me because she is my REAL LIFE FRIEND. One of my dearest. I've know Tash for almost 7 years now. She has loved my babies for so long. I have often said that she had a Laura Kate shaped hole in her heart. She and her husband Gary taught the 2 year old class at our church for years and years through 3 of our 4 children, which yall, TAKES A SPECIAL GIFT. When Shepherd and Fischer were born, she helped keep my bigger kid(s). My kids call her "Aunt Dasha" and there was one time that Shepherd so sweetly asked if we would take him to Aunt Dasha and give her a kiss that we could not refuse.

Tash and Gary have walked through the hard and painful days of infertility as well as battled their way through foster care. 9 weeks ago they welcomed a biological baby girl Everly and this very weekend they are finally finalizing the adoption process for three beautiful children: Laurel (7), Bennett (5), Christopher (2).

Tash is people-oriented, a brilliant lawyer, a loyal friend, fights for the important things, and tells you like it is. Half of my book recommendations come from her so clearly she has good taste in books. She loves wine and ice cream, books and games, and most of all she loves the Lord and people.

These are some of my favorite posts on her blog:

Twinning Babywise

I've said it before and I'll keep saying it. I love everything Cole writes. I love her "voice". She's so witty and funny. She loves the Lord and she loves to read.

Cole is married to Eddie and has 4 kids: Vera (4), Abel (2), and Mercedes and Samuel (1). Did you catch that? 4 kids 4 and under. She's a saint.

Your going to love reading her blog! These are some of my favorite posts of hers:

Rogers Party of 5

Caitlin is the newest blogger to our network. Like she just joined last week. I am so excited about getting to know her better. She's another twin mom with twin girls (16 months) and a toddler son (3.5 years).  She's a former music teacher and loves coffee, wine, and healthy eating (but also fancy cupcakes!).

I really love her blog and I think you will too! These are a few of my favorite posts:

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