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How To Balance Motherhood

Motherhood is a job. Just the basics of being a mom takes a lot of time, effort, and mental focus. When you add in the fact that a mother is also a wife, a friend, a daughter, a volunteer, and a person...whoa. You might even work from home or outside the home, adding to your list of responsibilities. It is very challenging to balance all of motherhood with all of those other responsibilities in life. Here are some tips for finding a balance.

Get Enough Sleep
This isn't fun or exciting, but it is true. You need to get enough sleep if you want the mental and physical ability to do what you need to do each day. A tired mom is grumpy, slow, and unmotivated. Know your own sleep needs so you can get to bed on time to have the energy you need the next day.

You need to prioritize your responsibilities. Make a physical list of everything you need to do each day. Cut what you can, and then prioritize the rest. Things can be categorized into good, better, best. Start your to-do list with what is in your best category and work down from there. You will find you will rarely get to the "good."

Make a Plan
Have a plan for your days. You might have a to-do list you work through it. You might have one day be cleaning day, one be a day for work, one be a day to focus on things for the kids, etc. Or you might have a prioritized massive list you move through. There is no right or wrong--just a best for you (that might even change over the years). Have a plan for your day. 

I have found it helpful to get fast things off my list first. There is something magical about momentum--if you get a couple of things checked off quickly, it really motivates you to keep going. Do not start your day off in the bog projects.

Evaluate From Time to Time
Once you find a system that works for you, don't forget to evaluate how things are working from time to time. Throughout my motherhood years, I have had seasons when I did all of my cleaning in one day. Then I moved into a season where that didn't work well and I changed to doing smaller chunks of cleaning each day. Then that was not needed and I moved back to cleaning all primarily in one day. Evaluate your plan every so often and change it as needed.

Prayer and Scripture
When I start each day with prayer and scripture, I am able to get so much more done. The days with prayer and scripture are not even comparable to those without. Put this to the test and see how it changes your days. 

Wake Up Before Kids
In order to fit certain things I want to fit in, I need to wake up before my kids do. I am a morning person more than a night person, so if I wake up early, I can knock out a lot before my kids arise. If you are a night owl, you can do the same in reverse. Get your things done at night after kids go to bed. Just don't sit and relax instead of doing your things. Don't get me wrong, having time for relaxing is good and important, but you don't want to brush off your planned action items in favor of relaxing every night. 

Remove Distractions
If you are easily distracted, find ways to remove those distractions. Turn your phone off or set it in the other room so you don't turn to it and get distracted by social media. Sometimes having music, an audio book, or a podcast playing can help a person focus on the task at hand and not turn to a device. 

Do a 10 Minute Cleaning
You will be amazed at how much you can clean in a mere 10 minutes. Set a timer for 10 minutes each morning and just clean as fast as you can in that 10 minutes. You can really get things in good shape. I find this helpful because I can go down the rabbit hole when cleaning. This allows me permission to clean some and get things in better shape without spending all day doing it.
How To Balance Motherhood; 10 tips to make your days easier | #parenting #motherhood

Do not try to clean throughout the day all day long, especially when you have little ones at home. Have some cleaning checkpoints in the day when you do some cleanup (like, right after breakfast, after lunch, and before bed). If you try to keep things perfectly clean all day, you will have wasted a lot of time because...well...children. 

Do Not Over-commit
It is hard to say no and easy to say yes. It is natural to want to help others and volunteer at school and in the community. Be wary of overextending yourself so far that you can't attend to your primary responsibilities, including yourself. If you find you have over-committed, finish your current commitments and then cut what you need to for the future. It can be hard to say no to things, especially things you are good at, but we can't do it all in life at any one time. Look at your commitments with your list of priorities and be sure they are in harmony.

Take a Day Off Every Once In a While
I know how hard it can be to take a day off from your massive list of things to do. It feels like the world will run off without you and you will never catch up. It is so beneficial, though! You can take a day to just read, relax, play video games, do your nails, go on vacation...whatever! Whatever distracts your mind and allows your soul time to reset. This will re-energize you and leave you capable of facing life with a happier attitude. It is refreshing!

Motherhood is always work. I don't think there is a way to make it "easy." There are just ways to make it more manageable and perhaps easier. These tips work to make it so I can balance the many roles I play in my life. I hope they help you make your life easier, too!

Valerie is a mother to four and blogs at Babywisemom.com

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