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How I Breastfed For 12 Months Even When Everything Went Wrong

Breastfeeding didn't start out anything like I had ever imagined it would. I had idealistic visions. My beautiful little newborn would be brought to the breast and would nurse perfectly. Why wouldn't the baby do so? Sure, there might be a bump here or there, but I would lightly laugh them away and we would continue forward with ease. Breastfeeding would be easy. Breastfeeding wouldn't hurt. It was the natural thing to do and the way God designed the body, so of course it would be simple. It would be natural. It would be second nature. It would be a beautiful thing that bonded my baby to me.

Ummm...reality is different than our dreams. Despite the books all assuring me that breastfeeding would be simple, it was anything but. My firstborn had NO IDEA what he was doing when it came to breastfeeding. As a first time mom, neither did I. He was not a natural and I was not experienced. 

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