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Travel Tips Post Roundup

Today is "Pinterest Day" for the BFBN and we are all writing posts on our own blogs on the topic of TRAVEL which you well know is MY FAVORITE THING. (For a complete list of all of the participating blogs with links, check at the bottom of this post!).

Since I write frequently about travel here, I decided to do a post round-up with some of my best travel tips. As always, if I can ever help you take the stress out of travel planning let me know! Most of the time, my help is completely free and I truly love to help people plan fabulous trips all around the world!

Why You Should Use A Travel Agent

In this post, I list all the reasons why it is beneficial to use a travel agent when planning a travel. Spoiler alert: the best reason is because it's FREE. Check it out and send me an email if I can help you in any way!

Packing For Vacation With Four Kids

Packing for a family of six is no small feat. It should not surprise you that I have a game plan to tackle the problem head on. This posts lays out my entire packing process for you.

Tips For Road Trips With Your Kids

Believe it or not, we actually like to take road trips with our kids. They are pretty good travelers and we have learned some things along the way to help make it easier. I share those things with you in this post.

Theme Park Tips With A Toddler

Some families believe in waiting until their kids are older to go to theme parks. We are not one of those families. We love taking our kids places and making memories with them from young ages. This post has some tips for you if you want to take your little with you to the fun places!

Paying For Your Disney Vacation

The most stressful part of any vacation is paying for it. My sister guest posted and gave some awesome tips and ideas about the best ways to save and pay for your Disney Vacation.


Check out all of the travel posts today and help us out and pin something! Happy Thursday!

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