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5 Powerful Reasons Babywise is Effective for All Kinds of Babies

by Christine Keys
I think sometimes as parents we can be guilty of thinking that our child is the exception to the rule.

Y'know, we've got the difficult sleeper, or the colicky newborn, or the baby that gets overstimulated far too easily. Which of course means that the typical parenting methods won't be effective.

Well yes, babies are all different and it is our job as parents to be able to evaluate and meet the needs of our children individually. However, I would put to you that the Babywise method is something that can easily be applied to a very broad range of babies.

I know moms that have used Babywise with great success who have had many other issues to deal with. We're talking reflux, colic, and a barrage of other medical challenges. In fact, those women even say that Babywise made life easier.

So, I would encourage you to take a look at the method before passing it off as 'not gonna work'. It's something that can be used with most babies because of the reasons below:

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