For the Record, We are not Moving to Costa Rica

at least we don't have plans to do that anytime soon...

Apparently, my last post caused some confusion about our next "Adventure"...

So, just to clear some things up:

- Providence Church in Frisco has been our home church for the past 4.5 years

- Providence is planting a new church, Imago Dei Church, in McKinney, 4 minutes from our house

- We are part of the Core Group of about 80 people helping plant this church

- Imago Dei officially launches publicly on Saturday, January 5th and will now be our home church.

- We still work for NEXT Worldwide, a missions organization based in Flower Mound, TX.

- We are not moving locations or jobs, just our church home.

- My last post was an open letter to my Providence Church family.

Check out more info about Imago Dei Church on the website:

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