Hi There! I'm Carrie and this is where I blog about all of the adventures of our family: the good, the bad and the snuggly.

I like to drink English Breakfast Tea, watch Gilmore Girls, read a good, suck-you-in fiction book, play with my babies, take long bubble baths, and learn about Jesus. I tend to be pretty crafty and I wish it were Fall all year round. I do not like to clean out my crock pot after queso, go to the dentist, be pregnant in the Summer, or potty train. Also it really bothers me when people don't use their turn indicators when driving.

I have really funny kids that I am passionate about raising to be world changers. With one big sasster and three younger brothers after her, we have adventures daily! I keep my sanity with lots of prayer, Coca-Cola, and clinging to a good routine and schedule. Read about my adventures in parenting, Babywise topics, and ideas about raising world-changing kids here.

I love to travel and I love my job of planning fabulous trips for people (especially Disney!). I have visited over 11 countries (20 if you include Epcot) and love the excitement of learning new cultures! You can see some of the places I've traveled to and get more information about working with a travel planner here.

Being a mom is the hardest, best, craziest, most rewarding adventure I've ever been on and the more friends I have along the journey, the better.

All of that to say, Welcome! Pull up a chair and some air freshener....I am so glad you are here!

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Meet Kyle

After Jesus, he is the best thing that ever happened to me. Kyle loves to study the Bible (and other theological and puritanical books and whatnot), drink good dark coffee, spend time with me!, play with the scouts, find new,weird music, research the best quality products, disciple and teach men how to love and serve their families well, travel, be apart of new church plants, talk in different accents, and play rugby.  He does not love to eat mayonnaise, be conscious when the wind blows from the south, get caught in traffic, clean up after pets or animals, or listen to mainstream or pop music.

Meet Laura Kate

Laura Kate, our first born and only girl, is our sassy one! So much so that we have nick-named her "The Sasster". She is so funny, brilliant, loves to read and write stories, dances and twirls her way through life, and has the largest imagination of anyone I have ever known. She is known for her quippy one-liners... stick around and you'll see why! 

Letters to Laura Kate

Meet Shepherd 

Shepherd is all-boy. He is tender-hearted, logically wired, hates wearing clothes and has only eaten one green bean in his entire life. He is the epitome of a daddy's boy, and he thinks "poop" is the funniest word in the english language.

Letters to Shepherd

Meet Fischer

Fischer is our mischievous one. He is devious and he is tenacious. He's also our current resident threenager so that could have something to do with it. Fischer loves to snuggle, loves animals, is rough and tumble and LIVES to make a mess. We call him Pigpen and mean it! 

Meet Archer

Archer is our caboose. True to form, he makes his own personality known in this family. He loves music and dancing, Mickey Mouse, and french fries. He loves to be held, thinks his siblings are hilarious (or insane, but it's a fine line to walk), and is head over heels for his daddy! 

Letters to Archer

Meet Pregnant Carrie: 

I have been pregnant approximately 172 weeks of my 32 years of life. Thats 3.29644 years or 1,204 days of my life, if anyone's counting.

You can read some about those weeks here: Pregnancy Posts

(photo cred: James Price Photography)

Meet Tonks

Tonks is a 1 year old African Pigmy Hedgehog. We got Tonks as a Christmas gift for the scouts because we are crazy and like to live on the wild side. So far, Tonks would really like it best if we would leave her alone (typical hedgehog nature) but we are socializing her and will win her over if we have anything to say about that! She is named after Nymphadora Tonks from the Harry Potter Series.

Hi! I'm Carrie! I like to drink Earl Grey Tea, watch Gilmore Girls, hang out with my man, read a good, suck-you-in fiction book, play with my babies, take long bubble baths, and learn about Jesus. Connect with me on Facebook for even more Wiley Adventures!


  1. You and your blog are adorable :)
    I love reading right now about any mom who blogs and follows babywise methods. What you're doing is great! keep up the awesome work, mom.
    Blog high five!

    1. Thanks Christy! Right back atcha!


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