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Why I Stopped Folding My Children's Clothes

Ok yall. Before I get to my brilliant new plan, let me tell you what doesn't work before I tell you what does.

What doesn't work is letting laundry get piled up dirty, then washing 7 loads at one time, then letting it pile up clean and not having the time to fold it/hang it/put it up, so you end up digging out of a laundry basket for weeks on end only to end up where you started in the first place. Whew! Yall, that just doesn't work.

What does work?

One load of laundry every other day: washing, drying, folding*, putting up.

And yes, I'm serious, I stopped folding my kids clothes. I would finally get to a point when I couldn't stand digging out of a laundry basket for clothes and would neatly fold and put away all of the sweet little dresses, shirts, tutus, pants, t-shirts, dress shorts, jammies, etc....only to walk in the next day to find them strewn across their floor when they got into their drawers. Or, if I'm being honest, to find them all squished in their drawers when I myself dig through them to find the day's outfit.

So here's what I do: I line up their "drawers"(which are IKEA cubes) and have LK help me sort into piles (PJs/undies, tops, bottoms). The best part is, she can sort her own clothes, and she thinks its a fun game. And that's it. I stuff them in the cubes unfolded. When they are old enough to care about wrinkles, they are old enough to fold their own clothes. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

Do you think I'm crazy? What works for your home?


  1. Love this I do a very similar thing! Why make life difficult? Spend less time doing nonsense and more time making awesome memories with those beautiful kiddoes that grow up way to fast!

  2. Love this! Do you have a cube shelf thing where you store them? I still fold and then watch everything unfold as it makes its way down the hall and into their dresser drawers... I do hang the church clothes, though. I don't match socks. And all the boys' undies go in one drawer.

    1. I do in one of my kids rooms. The others have upgraded to a dresser now but I still don't fold them!