I Turned A Door Into A Table

I Turned A Door Into A Table

So one day last Spring, in my thinking place (the bathtub), I had the most brilliant idea! I wanted to make my own table out of a door. I had seen coffee tables made out of them but never a kitchen dining table. I got so excited and told the Steady about it. I was a little nervous because even though he does an awesome job at trying to be really excited about my projects, I know sometime he thinks I’m cray-cray. This time he was actually excited about it!
So I got on Pinterest and perused. It turns out I was NOT the first person to have this grand idea. (Check out these awesome tables here!)
After gathering ideas for several months and saving some birthday money we finally went shopping for a door and supplies.
We went to the Habitat for Humanity Re-store and found an awesome, sturdy door for $50. I bought pre-cut table legs at Lowes as well as really long sturdy screws and paint.
Now, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I don’t alway do things the best way or the way it “should” be done. I honestly do a little online research, talk to some people (like the helpful guys at Lowes) and weigh my options against my time and money and then just jump in.
I didn’t do a good job of taking pictures along the way with each step, but I’ll tell you what I did.
1. I set the door on a saw horse as level as possible.
2. I marked on top of the door where I wanted my legs to be with little “x’s”.
3. I held each leg as Steady drilled THROUGH the door from the top down into each leg. (Each leg has two screws).
4. I puttied over the screw holes with wood putty.
5. I lightly sanded. LIGHTLY.
6. I painted the table a rough coat of white semi-gloss paint (the kind with primer mixed in). The door has the awesome texture to it that gives it a natural distressed look.
7. I coated it with a spray sealer.
8. I bought plexiglass to fit over the top. Eventually we hope to get a piece of glass cut, but this works well for now!
As for chairs, I wanted an eclectic look, so I gathered chairs from Craigslist, around my house, and my parent’s garage over several months. I chose different colors and fabrics for each chair to match my curtains. I sanded and used spray paint for the colors.
Here is the completed project:
One of my favorite things I have ever made! Whatchathink?

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