Kyle's 32nd Birthday

Kyle turned 32 last Thursday and even though we are still settling in, we still got to celebrate a little bit!

I don't have any of my craft stuff unpacked yet so I didn't have the customary birthday banner up over the table but I'll make up for it next year! 

Instead of a cake, I made Kyle his favorite dessert ever: Lemonade Icebox Pie. I made it the night before to surprise him.

My parents offered to keep the kids so we could go out for dinner... hard to tell who was more excited: the kids or Grammy and Papa.

Kyle chose to go to Felix's which is a restaurant down on the causeway on the Bay.  I love being by the water so I was so excited he chose to eat there.

Our table was a two-seater window seat! It was awesome! We splurged on some delicious dinner and they offered complimentary dessert for the Birthday Boy!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Kyle! You share the same birthday with my daughter. :)
    The photos were lovely - looks like you both had a wonderful time.

    1. Thanks so much Martha! We did have a wonderful time! It is really nice getting used to our new surroundings :).


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