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Prayer Needs

We cannot tell you how much your support means to us. Thank you so much for praying for us and teaming with us in this adventure. Please be praying for our current ministry needs:

1. Monthly Support – We are just over 50 % in our support raising. Please pray for the Lord to speak to people to support us and pray for peace and affirmation for us as we continue to wait on the Lord.
2. House Hunting – We will be house hunting in DFW area June 22nd – 25th . Please pray that we quickly find a house to rent and for a smooth process of renting.
3. Laptop – Carrie is in need of a laptop computer before beginning work at NEXT. Please pray for the Lord’s provision to make this happen.
4. Deposits – Please be praying for provision for housing deposits.
5. Wedding – Carrie’s sister Cassie is getting married on June 21st. Please pray for all of the details to go smoothly and for peace and no stress for the Woods and Wileys!
6. Moving – Please pray for a smooth move the first week in July!
7. Our Successors at TPCC – A lot of prayer, meetings, time, and energy has and is going into the process of finding the next Children’s and Youth Pastors at Turning Point. Please be in prayer with our staff and elders for these two positions as well as for smooth transitions for all of the kids and their families who are involved in these ministries.


  1. yay for new blogs! allen and i just started one...it's http://iveyvines.blogspot.com
    i'll be prayin for yall...and move to south fort worth...we may actually be putting an offer on a house tomorrow!

  2. I love the picture of the three of you! WOW! What a beatiful great neice! We will enjoy the blog, especially when you move.
    Don & Linda

  3. I love blogs! I'll be visiting often! We'll be able to keep up with you this way!