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Figuring Things Out (Pt. 2)

Alright, I realize that last week's post was pretty pessimistic... how about some optimistic things about moving?

1. I enjoy the Dallas Morning News. I honestly don't know if there's a better newspaper in the country. Jean-Jacques Jones is the man when it comes to Sports reporting.

2. Kolaches - this place actually knows what kolaches are! Kolache is not Czech for "pig-in-a-blanket." Kolache is Czech for delicious breakfast pastry.

3. Our house is so cozy! It's sort of like a "big" bungalow. Carrie's done an amazing job of getting everything set up and looking great!

4. There is a Starbucks on LITERALLY every corner. Even with SBucks closing down a few of its stores, there's still like 327 in the Metroplex to choose from!

5. Stonebriar Mall / Legacy Town Centre (notice the British spelling of the word... that automatically means it's swanky) - two great places to just come and hang out a little bit with the wife and little one. The two-storied Barnes and Noble has already become one of our favorite places to go.

6. Rooster's - a barbershop in McKinney where you can get a great haircut, face shave, shoulder massage, sports updates, and beverage for $24. Having only paid $10 for a haircut for the past five years, it seemed steep... then I started hearing about the prices at other places for all of that which I just mentioned... yikes.

7. Providence - we already feel at home with our new church here! Our small group is great (although it'll be hard to stack up with VELOCITY), the worship has been so refreshing, and the overall church has welcomed us immensely.

So, there are good things about moving! To those of you who might have thought that I was just wanting to harp and complain, there ya go! Totally kidding, by the way. Hope you enjoy!!!

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