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Figuring Things Out

So the Wileys have been here, in the Metroplex, for two and a half weeks, now. We are discovering that pretty much everything is thirty minutes away, that TollTags were well worth the cost, that finding a gym could be a little difficult (but we're praying it's not), and that it gets really hot here! We're also learning about how our yard guys do their thing, dishwashers, and attempting to get along with people we really don't want to, not to mention the dynamics of a brand new church and small group (hard to compete with Velocity!). One other thing we discovered... Dickey's doesn't seem to be as popular down here as in Lubbock. In terms of with people and in terms of with my tummy.

Evidently, when you move, you figure out all sorts of stuff, and not just in being in a new place and finding the rhythms of being there. You find the ins and outs of yourself, too.

I don't like how everyone is in such a hurry, even in our little suburb of Little Elm. Over-caffeinated, over-energized, over-rushed people.

I don't like the fact that none of our neighbors are EVER outside.

I don't like the fact that the cost of living goes up as you go to bigger cities.

I don't like people not using their turn-signals, but what's new with that?

However, we do love being here, and knowing that this is where God has us, for a reason to better us, strengthen us, bless us, and most importantly, glorify His Name.

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  1. Moving is hard, but you're right, you learn a LOT about who you are. We moved 4 times in three years. It was rough, but God showed us so much through those times. I hope your transition continues to go well.