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Kyle in Venezuela

Kyle embarked on his journey for Venezuela today! Please be praying for safe and smooth travel. Kyle and Clint have already faced some obstacles. Their first flight was canceled due to a problem with the plane. This caused them to miss their connection from Miami to Maracaibo, the only flight of the day. The new plan is to fly from Miami to the capital, Caraccas, spend the night and take an early flight in the morning to Maracaibo.

Please pray for the boys to get plenty of rest tonight so that they will be able to jump right into to teaching tomorrow. Pray that the Lord speaks through them to the church leaders they will be teaching. And, pray for me and LK back home!


  1. We're sorry to hear about the flight troubles! When I (Diane) woke up this morning, the Lord prompted me to pray for their safety as they travelled! Your blog just confirmed why that is such an important thing for us to pray. We will continue to lift up the guys over the weekend, and look forward to a good report.

    Bill and Diane

  2. Hey girl...good to hear from you. Glad to know you're a blogger, too. :)

    We saw your brother in Abilene right before he moved to my hometown! Hope they're liking Tyler.

    Your little Laura Kate is so sweet! I like how you use both her names like my little Anna Grace. Two beautiful little girls with two names each!

    Blessings to the Wileys ~

  3. I'm praying for him, even as we're getting ready to board planes to go home.