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Learning to Praise

I love this age with the Laura Kate. It seems every day she learns something new.

Today she learned how to clap. When you look at her and say "YAY!!" and clap, she will mimic you and clap (and sometimes throw a squeal in there).

I couldn't help but think that today she learned one of the most basic forms of praise. How many times in her life will she clap? What will she clap for? Who will she clap for? Oh how I pray that she will one day clap and squeal in praise and adoration for the One and Only.


  1. She is SO sweet! I think you should let me borrow her for a few months. I need to buy some ruffly pink girly clothes.

  2. She will, she will. With a mama like you I know she will.

    I too thought about getting her for a bit. I just told the girls in the office that I am going to come steal her for about 2 months. I miss her so bad.


  3. Ooh, I like your blog layout! We got your newsletter at the office and I am so glad to get to read a little about your lives and your mission!!

    Have a blessed day,