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Quick Update

We just got back to the hotel from our evening meeting and I wanted to give you a quick update.

51 people total came to know the Lord after 3 days of field ministry.

Our Lead Missionaries said that tonight's meeting went better than most meetings go. We had more people tonight at this new church meeting than other meetings have had in the past. It was a sweet time of worship with our new brothers and sisters in Christ.

This is an incredible group of kids. We are rewarding them with a sightseeing day tomorrow after we finish our last sessions of the leadership training. We are going to see waterfalls and then going to Veracruz for the night. We then leave the hotel at 4:30 a.m. for the airport to fly home on Thursday. Pray for safe travel!

...and please keep praying for LK. She has BAD diaper rash and is in a lot of pain!


  1. Hey babe. Sounds like an awesome trip. Cass said that Kyle has done an amazing job with LK. I wish I could have been there with her, but I think her daddy was she needed most. Isn't it just like satan to have done this. BUT the good news is that she is ok, and you will be home with her soon. Children have an amazing rezelence and she is going to be ok. I am praying so hard for her and her daddy. I know that he is ok with her. He has not called, he did text yesterday, nothing today. I talked to Cass however. I think he is just tired. She said he has done an amazing job. God has made him that way so he could handle it. You are on the home stretch and soon you will be back home with both of them. Call me when you are back State side. Luv u!


  2. Awesome!! Thanks for the update!