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3 Years with my Favorite Man!

Today makes 3 years being married to Kyle. There are so many things I love about him, but I wanted to share just a few with you!

  • He can handle me....all the tears, goofy-ness, loud and social personality, fickle-ness, crazy new projects, and more. He handles it all with incredible grace.
  • His smile. When he sees me he smiles and his eyes crinkle a little bit in the corners.
  • His big beautiful eyes!
  • He lets me rub my ice cold feet on his!
  • He loves Laura Kate SO much. I love watching him be a daddy!
  • His vocabulary - I mean really, it's amazing! I learn new words from him every day!
  • I love his hunger for knowledge...he loves to learn and to study
  • He seeks out truth in everything
  • He works so hard to lead our family in every area of life
  • He loves me with the kind of love that never fails (1Corinithians 13)
  • He loves Jesus with all that he has and everything he does

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  1. Happy (day late) anniversary! Your marriage is a wonderful example to so many! :)