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Welcome, Autumn!

It's Autumn in the Wiley House! We decided to start celebrating the Fall season on September 1st even though it is early for the official start of the season (We just couldn't wait any longer). THEN, I have Bible Study tomorrow night, so we started tonight! Last year we started the family tradition of welcoming in the Season with prayer and a scent to match the season. It is when we pull out our Autumn decor and when we start Season One of Gilmore Girls! Below are some pictures of our night.


  1. Love it! I just might have to break out my autumn stuff soon too! I have a hankerin' for my pumpkin scented candles now. :)

  2. do it! it makes you feel warm and yummy inside!

  3. i'm curious...where did yall get a leaves scented candle? ;)...

    fall is the best season ever i think!