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Surviving Two Services with Grace (and Caffeine!)

Kyle and I decided long before we decided to have kids that we want to do more than just attend church. We want to be a part of a growing body and be able to love people by serving. We want to model for our children the importance of loving by serving. One of the greatest needs in any church bodies is Children’s Ministry volunteers. We consider it a joy to serve and love on kids as much as possible, EVEN THOUGH that comes with a little sacrifice. We know that it is so important to model Godly behavior, love, and service to the church body to our children so that they will grow up with service as part of their daily behavior and vocabulary. At the same time, we also know we need to be personally fed with the word and worship.

BUT, it is still isn’t always a walk in the park for the child. I mean, try explaining in a loving voice the importance of service while said child is screaming and clinging to your leg in front of an audience of twenty other people, right? But since in this case the long-term benefits out-weigh the short term, we work to make it happen every week.

We still have not perfected the “Sunday Morning Survival Kit” by any means, but we are learning some things that help the morning go more smoothly.

1. Think Ahead. Get good sleep on Saturday night and prep your kids at bedtime by praying for servant hearts that would glorify Christ. It helps Sunday mornings go more smoothly if the diaper bag is packed, clothes are laid out, and alarms are set.

2. Come prepared. Make sure you bring any security item your child needs for comfort (lovey, passy, sippy cup, etc…) If your child normally would eat lunch during the time of the second service, bring a snack to feed them between services.

3. Ask for advice. Talk to other parents or children’s leaders and teachers, and brainstorm with your spouse.

4. Pray. Pray. Pray. Before-during- after. Ask the Lord for a good morning, for patience, and that he would honor your service and sacrifice that HE might be glorified.

If you are not serving in Children’s Ministry because of the difficulty of having your child in both services, I would encourage you just to TRY and keep trying. The need is GREAT and you CAN help. You can be a breath of fresh air to parents and friends at your church while modeling service for your children.

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  1. I love you and Kyle's heart for serving. I know that your hard work and sacrifice will pay off some day for LK.

    Keep up the good work!! And I love the new direction of the blog. :)