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Big Girl Bed!

Well....we turned LK's crib into a toddler bed over the weekend. All-in-all, she has done so well!

We made a really big deal about it and practiced her staying in her bed and calling for us if she needed us. We also will find her when she's in her bed (and still awake) and praise her for being a big girl and staying in her bed.....it's gone pretty well so far!

She knows she is not supposed to get out of her bed, but she will sneak out stealthily and go get books and get back in bed to read (in the dark). Over the monitor we can hear her "reading" out loud to her friends. Tonight I decided to let her choose some books to put in her bed to help her so she doesn't have to disobey. So far, so good!

Here's her bed!

Stack of Books in the Corner

Reading, Reading - her favorite thing!

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