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Rain Dances and Sassy Pants

Talk about an adventure....we have definitely entered the two's.....All the joy that comes with that along with all the time outs.

As parents, Kyle and I are definitely having to figure out when to discipline and when to lend grace. Some days I feel like I say "no" so much. It's tough to find the balance and be consistent. Any advice would be gladly received!

We are planning on starting potty training next month. I think she's ready, I'm just trying to gear myself up to be ready. Is there a particular book any of you moms out there would recommend?

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  1. The same author of baby wise has created potty wise...we read that and then used a few different things to help....donor petty time dvd, a egg timer, and m&ms...overt the timer for every 30 minutes and she went "potty" everytime it buzzed. good luck friend!!