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This weekend, we visited some friends in Bloomington and had a blast. First, it was so nice to get out of town and have a break and it was great to see our friends. The best part of the trip was the weather...it was A-mazing, beAutiful Fall weather. So wonderful you could drink it. Or eat it. Regardless, dining would be involved.

I think LK's favorite part of the trip was when the boys went fishing. Not because the boys were gone but because we girls went to the zoo! We had a blast. Laura Kate, of course made friends with everyone, people and animals. Her favorite by far was the dolphin exhibit. But her other favorites were the penguins and the ducks, yes the ducks. Oh, the ducks. Like any normal ducks you would find at the park. But boy did she love them. Boy did she quack at them. Did I mention she loved the ducks? Something about water animals: penguins, dolphins, and ducks.

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