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A List

1. LK loves to ask questions

2. Her favorite question is "Daddy, why do leaves fall from trees?"

3. I love that she loves the Fall.

4. Sometimes Sookie is too much for me and I put her in her house and just let Lucy sleep beside me because it is comforting.

5. Shepherd really likes grape kool aid. Really.

6. 95% of the time I have to put LK in time out, I have to turn around so she doesn't see me laughing....she is so funny.

7. 5% of the time I want to cry.

8. LK's second favorite question is "What is your favorite part?"

9.My favorite part is grape kool aid.

10. I put Laura Kate down for a nap today and asked her "what happens if you disobey and get out of your big girl bed?" She answered " You give me a french fry".

11. That was the wrong answer. I do not give her a french fry if she disobeys me.

12. mmmmm Shepherd loves french fries.

13. Laura Kate's favorite part is painting.

14. Her favorite song is "Mighty to Save"

15. Parenting is 100 times more the journey of joy, laughter, tears, heartache, prayer, and utter and complete reliance on God than I could have ever imagined.

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