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The Night of the Giant Tiger

I love our church's perspective on Halloween. Instead of having a giant fall fest, we view it as a perfect opportunity for outreach and to plug in to our community. So, any house or homegroup that wants to host a party, they sponsor a bounce house for your neighborhood. In addition, the church also sells candy (full sized candy bars) with labels that share info about our children's ministry and invite them to church.

We've been a part of a party in the past and had such a great time so we knew we wanted to host this year with our homegroup. We were expecting a small, normal sized jumping castle. Instead, we got the most massive bounce house ever made.....the Giant Tiger.

Since her buddy Beckett decided to be Mickey Mouse this year, Laura Kate was Minnie. The ears didn't last past the first minute, but her Minnie Mouse dress was really cute. And she had so so much fun jumping. She jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped. And jumped. And then when I thought her legs would fall off, I would hear her little squeals of delight coming from inside the giant tiger and she was jumping some more.

She also LOVED trick-or-treating with her friends. She got lots of candy and really liked blowing out the candles in peoples jack-o-lanterns. :/

Here are our pictures from the night....

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  1. I am quite upset that Mickey Mouse did NOT wear his ears in any of these pictures!!