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Potty Training - Day One

......was exhausting

Here's the Highlight of the Day:
-LK went poopoo once on the potty today

Here's what I've learned today:
-LK teetee's every 2-2.5 hours
-LK will go teetee on the potty ONLY when she decides she wants to
-LK is not going to be the child who is potty trained in a day, it's going to take a while

Here what I'm unsure of:
-Whether to use the big potty(w/little seat fitted on) or the little potty (I let her pick one, neither had success)
-Whether to use cotton training panties or pull-ups (today we used panties except during nap/bedtime)

Here's what I need advice for:
-She would sit on the potty for up 15/20 mins sometimes and not go. So we'd put the panties back on and set the timer to try again in 10 mins. Within 5 mins of being off the potty she would go in her panties. How do I fix this???

Here's to day two......(encouragement gladly accepted)


  1. by the way when she is a teenager she is going to love this post

  2. do you think they will still have blogger when she is a teenager?