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Potty Training - Day Three, Four, and Five

Day Three
... the day of the tee tee and the day of the meltdown

Here's the good news....
-She went in the potty just as much as she had accidents

Here's the dirty news....
-I had to wash the 6 training panties we have twice
-My girl got frustrated. And we had a major meltdown....major. We had to take a little break, put on the pull-up (just as much because I was out of training panties as much as she was D.O.N.E. for the day), and have a little loving time not centered around the potty.

Day Four
... a new day. A good day.

Here's the highlight of the WEEK....
-LK only had TWO accidents all day....so so proud of my girl!!

and then.....

Day Five
... is she ever going to pee??

Here's the reason for the question....
-We spent a lot of time on the potty, and only one major accident, but she did not teetee in the potty all day! I think she went in the pull-up right before we got her up in the morning, and after her nap, and in the bath.
-I also think she is learning to hold it....

SOOOO, we keep on keeping on. I understand why a lot of people try and give up. This is hard stuff for everyone in the family. I mean, who says people have to be potty trained? Unfortunately, that's not a choice. So we aren't giving up. We will keep it up.

***By the way, the ONLY reason I am blogging all of this is to keep a record so I can look back on it. This is probably the last PT post.


  1. I love hearing about LK's adventures in PT! And I'm sure one day I will want to look back on these too - just to know what to do with my own kids! :)

  2. aw, you are doing a great job (including LK herself ;))...i know ur pain lol! alayna once went in the bathtub of a motel while we were on vacation, and without saying too much, it was hard to clean up. sounds like everything is on track :) can't believe she is old enough for potty training already