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It is the winter storm of death....or it was and now we are just frozen.

Ice is different than snow. Snow, you can play in, be friends with, delight in. Snow is beautiful. It sticks to most everything and makes all things beautiful.

Ice sticks to concrete and asphalt. So if it snowed and I looked out my back door, I would typically see my patio wet, maybe a little white, but my entire yard would be white and beautiful. Not so with ice....I look out and my patio is covered in inch thick ice and the yard looks dead.

So it just so happens Sookie's woobie was outside when the storm hit. It is officially frozen to the patio. Sookie keeps wanting to go outside to check on her. Poor thing.

If you look to the right of the sand bucket in the picture about an inch, you will see Sookie's frozen woobie. And yes, the frozen part is my patio.

Poor Sookie

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