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The Perfect Bubble Bath

I don't think I'm an expert at many things, but I guarantee you, the Bubble Bath is one of them. So, I decided to pass on my knowledge to you. You're welcome.

*First thing to understand: The perfect bath is not your Daily Bath. There is a difference. Your daily bath (or shower) is when you do your chores (washing your hair, shaving, etc...). The perfect bath is for those long, stressful days or days you just need a little TLC - yes I realize that might be every day if you have a 2 year old and/or are pregnant, but there comes a time when you do HAVE to wash your hair and The Perfect Bath is not the place to do it.

*Second: I feel the need to address this before I get into this. Too many people's reason for not taking a bath is because they don't want to "sit in their own filth". My response to those people is this: 1. how filthy ARE you REALLY? and 2. If you really care that much stick to your showering and miss out on the sanity-restoration. It doesn't bother me ONE bit.

The Elements of the Perfect Bubble Bath

1. The Pillow. Every good bath needs a bath pillow. I like the cheap vinyl $3 one you can get at the grocery store. Your pillow can turn any bath tub into a comfy chair.

2. Water Temperature. Obviously this varies from person to person. I prefer somewhere between warm and hot. But, the trick is always aiming a little high because your water starts to cool off the moment it hits the porcelain. In fact for the final 2 inches of water, I recommend bumping it up high.

3. Bubble Bath. I don't think brand matters at all. I have had amazing bubbles from the stuff from the dollar store and wimpy bubbles from expensive department stores. The key is just using a GENEROUS amount of the the bubbles...one to two capfulls isn't going to get you very far.

4. Candles. Just something that smells good. I recommend putting them on the bathroom counter or on the end of the tub by your feet. You don't want to catch your hair on fire. Some time I'll tell you a fun story about that.

5. A good book. Now, don't freak out on me here. "Book" can mean magazine or I've even propped the laptop on the counter and watched a DVD before. This is not however the place for something that will make you think or want to underline. Pens do not belong near the tub. Save the heavy thinkers for the potty. You also need a hand-towel to dry off your hands before you grab your book.

6. Yummy Beverage. A coke, smoothie, glass of wine, juice, you like it, bring it.

7. All that's missing is you. Climb on in....relax a little bit, or a lot.

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  1. Ahhh . . . I think I'll take a perfect bath tonight. :)