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A Very Male Thing to Say...

So we are at the OB today checking on Shep. While we were waiting for the doctor, Kyle is looking at the posters of female anatomy on the back of the door and he makes this comment.....

"Wow, so the baby really is directly ON your bladder!"

(I have no words).

Tonight I told him I was putting this on the blog and his response is, "What's so funny about that?"

I say, "It's a very male thing to say"

He says, "I AM a man!"

(no words).


  1. girl that is absolutely classic!

  2. 3 Things:
    1.) You are hilarious
    2.) I love love love the nursery! So stinkin' cute!
    3.) When I had been in active labor for 2 hours, Wade looked at me in between a contraction and said (you may want to sit down for this), "You know, Sweets, you're doing great, but it might go faster if you take a bigger breath before you push." I would have hit him if I hadn't been trying to push a baby out :)