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As I was driving to pick Laura Kate up from school last Thursday, I started praying "Please let her have been a good girl and had no time outs....please let her have been a good girl and had no time outs"....

Kyle and I have been working so hard to be consistent with our discipline but also rewarding good behavior. For Sassy Pants this translates like this : "If I get a time out at school, I get a time out at home. If I don't get a time out at school, I get a cupcake".

So yeah, the reward does look like plain ole bribery.

I walked around the corner to her class and she was waiting at the gate for me. The second she saw me, her grin stretched wide, and she proudly proclaimed "I was a big girl and had no time outs so now I get a cupcake 'cause I had noooo time outs!!" I wanted to make a really big deal out of this (it has been a while since we've had no time outs) so I overdid the enthusiasm and told her how proud I was of her and how we were going to find the best cupcake in the store.

She then started clapping for herself.

Her teacher, standing by the door witnessing our dramatic excitement also started to clap for her.

THEN, all of her friends who were still in the class started clapping and cheering for her!

Today, I picked her up from school and for the second day in a row, has had no time outs....I'd say this calls for a round of applause for the sasster!


  1. Yea for Laura Kate! I SWEAR bribery is in Baby 411 as an effective method of discipline. :)

  2. Love it! She is so stinkin' cute!