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The Big Sasster

In addition to me gaining a son, on March 9th, my first born, my little Sassy Pants became a big sister. This is an update on the Big Sasster.

When LK first met Shepherd in the hospital room, she was more interested in the fish tank downstairs than she was in meeting her little brother. She also told people that her brother was a dragon who ate grasshoppers. Thankfully, sometime in the couple days after he was born, he became a human little brother, and her pride and excitement grew.

As a mom of 2, some of my favorite moments have been when someone comes to visit and LK gets so excited to introduce them to her little brother..."LOOK! LOOK" she says, "It's baby Shepherd! He's my little brother!"

Overall, I have to say, the sasster has completely exceeded my expectations for how she would transition to her new role. For the most part, she has been a helper and happy about life right now.

However, we have had our moments...and our days.

.....Like the day I picked her up from school to find out she had had 2 timeouts for not listening and had to go to the director's office to have a chat because she threw her fork at her teacher....

.....And the time she she threw a fit because she was told "no" ...oh wait that's every day, every time....

As Kyle and I try to parent her through this season, I am reminded of how the Lord parents me in the transition times in my life: with love, gentleness, and sweet words of encouragement that remind me of his nearness, that we're in this together.

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  1. Love this post. It reminds me so much of the fictional character Junie B. Jones, who thought her little brother was a monkey. If you aren't familiar with her, you surely will be in the next year or two when Laura Kate becomes acquainted with her.