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Dear Shepherd (2 Months)

Dear Shepherd,

You literally have grown before my very eyes. Every day this month you have added a little bit more chunk and a few more rolls. My favorite thing you've added is that sweet grin on those kissable cheeks. Here what else:

  • You weigh 13 lbs 14oz and are 23.8 inches long
  • Mommy really wants you to be on a 3 hour eating schedule but you are still pushing for 2.5
  • You finally have exceeded 4 hours sleeping at night (most nights you sleep 4.5 - 5)
  • You go down great for your naps without crying, but somehow you have discovered our not-so-great friend the 45 minute intruder and wake up every 45 minutes
  • You went on your first road trip to Lubbock and did extremely well considering we packed and left in 30 minutes.
  • Your favorite wake-time activity is to watch your friends on your mobile
  • You grin and coo and grin and coo
  • We love you more and more every day

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