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Dear Shepherd (3 Months)

Dear Shepherd,

What a little beast you are! You are a chunk growing and growing and growing!!

  • You weigh over 15lbs now. Not sure how tall you are, but I am certain that you are very tall.
  • You wear size 2 diapers, but I have no doubt you will be in size 3 any day.
  • You are barely wearing size 3-6 month clothes but can hold your own in 6-9 month clothes. Yeah, that's right....6-9 month clothes. A beast, I tell you!
  • You love the fan. I mean LOOOVE the fan. You will smile and coo and laugh at it. It's the best thing that's ever happened to you other than eating.
  • You still love to watch your friends on your mobile in your bed. You get so excited when they go round and round and you just kick and kick and laugh and laugh.
  • You love to smile at your daddy and mommy and even your big sasster sometimes.
  • You still enjoy tummy time.
  • We have started to let you cry it out. Yeah, no fun at all for mommy. I know you need to learn how to sooth yourself though. *sigh* it's still hard (even harder than it was for the sasster because you like to snuggle SO much!!)
  • You hate your car seat. The only way you won't cry is if you are asleep. Ask me how often that happens.
  • You are holding your head up very well now.
  • I really think you get more cute every day.
  • Our love for you grows and grows.

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  1. ...shepherd, i absolutely adore that smile! be good for your mommy while daddy is away...