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My Weekend, A List

1. I am addicted to Pinterest. It has changed my life.

2.On Thursday, LK and I made some art! (Thank you pinterest!)

This will be a seasonal art project. Summer Fireworks, Autumn Wreath, Thanksgiving Turkey, Christmas Tree, Valentine hearts, Four Leaf Clover, April Showers, May Flowers and back to Summer Fireworks!

3. Also on Wednesday, Kyle and I celebrated our 5th Anniversary (actual anniversary was the 15th).

I know this is out of order and Wednesday is not the weekend. eh. oh well.

For the past 5 years, we print half off coupons from Texas de Brazil and meet our friends Timmy and Malee for some meat. and some more meat. and some more meat. It's our one big splurge of the year and totally worth it!! yyyuuuummmmmyyyyyy!!!!

4. On Friday I got my hair cut!!!

My hair was falling out in wads and wads (normal wads and wads after having a baby) and Shepherd is in the grabbing stage. So I decided to chop it...I like it!

5. I worked on the kids/guest bath.

I hung square shelves that used to hang in LK's room for towels. Still waiting on the hand towels and wash rags.

I repainted a bookshelf and hung picture over potty. (This picture used to hang in Kyle's bathroom when he was growing up. I painted the matte and frame...)

And, I cleaned out Starbucks Frappuccino bottles, painted the lids and filled them with LK's shampoo, Shep's shampoo, LK's bubble bath, and Shep's body wash. I just need to make the labels on the front! Ah pinterest, pinterest, pinterest !

6. I made a book page wreath for my mom and for my sister! Here's the one for my mom...turned out great! My fingers sure were blistered though.....ah, the sacrifice for family and book-page wreaths!

7. We road-tripped it to Abilene to meet sweet baby nephew Jack on Saturday!!!

I also got to see my parents, sister, and Cohen!

I'll have pics of Jackson on a separate post soon!

8. I made my own Dishwasher and Laundry Detergent today.

I also found this on Pinterest. Looked it up on this blog. I think it will help save money/time. More so than couponing. For the Laundry, the blogger said she does 8 loads/week and it lasted her 9 months. We only do 3-4 so it may last us up to 18 months....definitely worth $12. (top that!)

Also, I wasn't sure about using the laundry soap with Shep's clothes so I substituted the fels-naptha with Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap, Baby-Mild bar soap.


  1. Yay for creative weekends!!

    I was totally about to make a batch of laundry & dish deterg!! :) I'm sure the laundry deterg will work perfectly well...I just have to finish using my current stock up then I'm doing it! I've wondered about the dishes though...how has your dish deterg worked? Does it leave any spotty residue?

  2. I actually have tried it yet.... We had a few more cascades left.

    I googled it and it said to try 2 things if your dishes are spotty: a drop of liquid dish soap in with the dry or the most common is using vinegar for rinse aid.

    Also, somewhere I read that the lemonade is actually what helps in the recipe that I used. It supposedly turns your soap dispenser yellow but helps keep the dishes clean.

    I'm going to try it today and I will let you know!