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Dear Shepherd (4 Months)

My not-so-little Shepherd Boy,

Wow! 4 months!! Time seems to be zooming by a lot faster than I would like! I love so much I have a hard time even putting it into words. It is hard to imagine what life was like before you were here. Today, I took you to the doctor. I just want you to know that not every mother would take their child to the doctor to get shots on their own birthday. You are welcome for preventing you from getting diseases. I know you will thank me later. Here's some other things:

  • You weigh 16lbs 9oz(75-90%) and are 25.8 inches long (90%)
  • You wear size 6/9 month clothes (sometimes 12month!) and size 3 diapers!!
  • You go down awake for every nap, the majority of the time without crying
  • You take about 4 naps a day for about an hour and half each
  • You are not sleeping through the night yet, only because you are so hungry!! Most nights you sleep 6 hours. I'm not frustrated though because I know the reason is because you are hungry and you go right back to sleep after eating.
  • Dr. G says we can start cereal (and we did tonight!) to try to get more calories in you to last the night!! You did so well with your first try! You swallowed it all and really seamed to like it!
  • You still really like tummy time. You already want to take off, but I'm praying it is a LOOOONG time before you figure out how!
  • It's appalling how long I you go between baths. I should be ashamed of myself.
  • You survived 2 road trips to Lubbock and 1 to Abilene. Praise the Lord we are done traveling for the Summer! (except for maybe a day trip when your cousin Jack is born!)
  • You still love the ceiling fan and your crib mobile. You love to play on your play mat. You love your little lion and try to attack him.
  • You are the happiest baby I have ever met! You smile and laugh so so much! You bring so much joy to my life!
  • You are SO LOVED!

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