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that's PRINCESS sassy pants to you!

For her whole life, my SBOAM, the king of the house, began telling sassy pants about being a princess. He has set the stage for our home and now she has absorbed it and lives it.

Kyle: "Who is the princess of our home?"
LK: "ME!"
Kyle: "Who is the prince of our home?"
LK: "Baby Shepherd!"
Kyle: "Who is the queen of our home?"
LK: "Mommy!"
Kyle: "Who is the king of our home?"
LK: "You are daddy!"
Kyle: "And who is Lord of our home?"
LK: "JESUS!!!!!"


"Miss Majesty?" she asked in her sing-song-a-little-too-perky-for-morning voice beside my bed.

"Yes?" I responded prying one eyelid open enough to see my little princess.

"Miss Majesty, will you please help me put on my princess dress and my princess shoes?" Her dad, the king, must have finished feeding her breakfast and now it was my turn.

I pried the other lid open to see she was "holding" up an imaginary dress and pair of shoes.....they were beautiful. really. you had to see them to believe their beauty. I sat up and helped her dress in her attire and thus began the princess extravaganza......


Other Princess Moments:

(and no, I am not making any of these up)

  • At Breakfast after Kyle had just returned home from Ecuador "This is our castle and our king has come home!"
  • My nephew had just shut himself in the Laundry room. LK to my sister: "Oh no! Whatever shall we do?!"
  • At the store with my dad, dad: "Oh no! Whatever shall we do?" LK: "We shall rescue the princess from the castle!"
  • "I'm getting married!" "Oh, you are?? to who?" "To the king! daddy!" "Fraid you're about 5 years too late for that one!"
She wrote a princess song....

"Sing it with me!!!"

She's a little princess, she's a little princess
little, little, she's a little princess!

(over and over and over)

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  1. oh my gosh, too cute for words! i'm so excited to have a little princess in my house one day too! but right now, i am enjoying the sweet baby stage! so thankful for you and your family, carrie! we have been so blessed :)