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Happy Birthday to Me!!!!

Hello Handsome.
I shall call you Jiminy and we shall be the best of friends!!!
I have fun plans for us! Just you wait and see!

So, last month on my birthday, Kyle, the most handsome studly beast of a man there ever was, told me my birthday gift from him was that I could get a craft cutting machine (cricut or silhouette) and to do the research to figure out which one I wanted. We couldn't get it right away, but he had a little bit set aside for it and said we could save for the rest. There were things I liked about both brands but when I was looking at the cricut site I saw that I could get a reconditioned machine for $49.99! It is the original, smaller machine (cutting mats are 6x12) but after much thought and discussion I decided it would suite my needs perfectly and should I need to print anything larger, then my mom could print it for me on her Expression Machine (which is also on sale right now, FYI). Because I chose the smaller machine, we had some extra moolah to order some things to go with it: computer software (to design even more things!),tools, cutting mats, vinyl, paper, etc.... AND, my mom is willing to share cartridges with me!

So, most of my stuff arrived today (still waiting on the software) and I am so excited. It feels like my birthday! So excited about the fun stuff I can make!!

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