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Laura Kate Lately

(I've decided it's not fair that Shepherd gets a post written to him every month and Laura Kate only once a year so I've decided to start every once-in-a-while writing a "Laura Kate, lately" post - havn't decided how often I will do it. But more frequently than once a year.)

Dear Princess,

I have decided that 3 years, is the hardest and the most fun age yet (as I say that, flashes of potty training, teething, weaning, and diaper rash ran through my brain, but I'm still going to stick with it.) Lately you:

  • Have wanted to snuggle more with me than ever before in your whole life (excluding nursing)
  • Have told me you loved me more than ever
  • Have told me you didn't love me, for the first time. Quickly followed by tears (mine. then yours) and a very fast apology and an I Love you SOOOO much from you.
  • Told your dad you loved him more than me. Not that this was a surprise, but kind of a shock to hear out loud.
  • Have laughed more at yourself
  • Have said some of the funniest things I have ever heard a 3-year old say ("I think I forgot my mind")
  • Have learned more and remembered more about the Bible than any 3 year old I've ever known. My favorite is to hear you talk about is Namen and his "leopard spots".
  • Have loved to play and spend time with your friends.
  • Have had more tea parties than the Queen of England
  • Change clothes multiple times daily... more than a refluxy newborn
  • have developed more and more opinions about things.... like what you wear, what bows you wear (or won't wear) in your hair, when you should get dressed and when you should or should not take a nap or go to bed (too bad you don't have the privilege of setting the schedule in our home)
  • push boundaries like nobody's business, you have really developed a liking for the word "no" (too bad there are consequences with that choice).
  • have "fixed" and "made better" more imaginary boo-boos on more babies and animals
  • have exploded into the world of imagination and creativity. You truly amaze me with your dreams, ideas, thoughts, visions, and vocabulary. You easily can make the ordinary come alive in extraordinary ways.
  • absolutely adore your little brother and love to do anything you can to help me with him.
  • have given your daddy more imaginary hair cuts than I can count!
  • are still an excellent night sleeper, sleeping 11-13 hours every night
  • Still take a 2-3 hour nap most days (most.)
  • Still think your Daddy is the best part of your day (I don't blame you, he's the best part of mine)
  • Still think your Grammy owns Toys 'R Us
  • L-O-V-E your "princess" dress-up shoes and like to click around the house in them all day
  • Start dance class on Friday!! Tap and Ballet!
  • still love any project involving markers, glue, and especially PAINT!
  • brought proud tears to my eyes when you brought me two articles of clothing and asked "do these match?"
  • filter everything, EVERYTHING through your little princess brain right now. I think you have a bracelet around your mind: WWPD? (What would princess do?)From ballgowns (wink wink Grammy), to tiara's, to high heels, to wands, to fairy bread, to tea parties, to "proper" speech, to Fancy Nancy, to your Royal Household....you, my little one, take the crown.
Most of all, my brilliant and beautiful one, it is a JOY to watch you explore, develop, learn, discern, grow, challenge, create, and love. You are one of a kind - there is no one quite like you on this planet and I am so glad I get to be the "queen" in your world. You just might be the MOST loved little girl in the whole world.

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